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Phase 3 Day 1

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Phase 3:
Day 1: The hubby and I couldn’t wait to eat an egg so this morning so I fixed us an egg and boy oh boy were we shocked. The egg was so rich and made us sick to our stomach. I’m seeing how much our taste buds have changed since we started on HCG. I find myself still craving phase 2 foods. I guess I will keep eating them but in larger portions.

I made cube steak and cucumbers for dinner tonight, it was so good! This is only the second time I have made cube steak since starting the diet. I have been afraid of stepping away from what was working in phase 2. I have to be brave but cautious. Maybe the hubby and I will try a steak for supper tomorrow night… hmm can you say date night lol

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    HI Robin, I am happy to hear your thoughts as you venture into P3. I am headed there on Monday. Eggs are the first thing I will test along with some cheese. I make frittata out of it--- an italian egg pie that you can load up with veggies and sprinkle some cheese on top for a crusty layer. I use them all the time and just slice a bit off for Breakfast. I use broccoli in mine. Sometimes cheese inside as well, if I am braver!
    I make cubed steak all the time too. I sautee some onions in the pan first with some low salt Worstechire (SP?) sauce and then throw the steaks right in with some more WS. YUMMY!. Sometimes, instead of WS, I use Smoky paprika --- gives it a nice Southwest flavor! OK Gotta stop, I am getting hungry!
    There is a great thread called Food **** with all kinds of recipes. Stop in there if you haven't already. Looking forward to hearing more! Oh and also interested if you lost more on the 3 VLCD wo the HCG? just wondering what to expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!