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My beautiful Daughter 72.4 pounds lighter!

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I so agree! It is a life changing event for me as well. I have noticed several health benefits during my time on the diet. I have gone the whole of cold and flu season, my family has been sick; but not me! I have an autoimmune disease and so for most of my life, I have gotten VERY sick with every cold and flu that went around! NOT THIS YEAR! I don't know if it is all the fruit and veggies I have been eating, (my fav snack are a bag of little sweet peppers--full of Vit.C) or if it is the fact that I have not been eating food prepared by others, who may be sick. Whatever. My blood pressure is very good; my health is excellent, with low triglycerides, low cholesterol levels; blood sugar stable. This has been my health answer. I thank God I found this diet. My mental health is also much better, I am much happier and healthier. Before, the doctor had my on Blood pressure, and heart medications; I had headaches and nausea from fluctuating blood sugar levels; I was tired and cranky and miserable--and going through menopause. The doctor's answer was to give me anti-depressents! Instead, I threw them all out; got some hcg and premarin cream and started this diet! I believe it saved my life. I now have a life as opposed to existing.

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