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Test of all Tests

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Phase 3:

This is the test of all tests for a couple reasons. I am out of state for a wedding and I am so sick. I have been nauseous and feel like I canít keep anything down. Today I had to go to eating 4 crackers to settle my stomach. I know they are not in phase 3 but I couldnít keep driving all day the way I felt. They did help and I only ate enough to stop the nauseous feeling. I will see how that affected me in the morning and Iím a little scared.

I hope that the hubby and I can stay strong during the wedding. I donít want to blow everything I have worked so hard for. This is the reason I started HCG when I did. I wanted to fit into a dress and feel like I looked beautiful again. I enjoyed dress shopping this time and didnít leave the store in tears. I was happy to find that I went from a size 16 to a size 12 dress. My daughters were amazed at how skinny I look with something that actually fits me. My youngest daughter is so funny she keeps telling me that the hubby and I need a new wardrobe lol

I have done very good maintaining my weight but I just canít seem to eat enough calories. I get full far too quick and I donít find myself hungry very much. I have been working on eating more though. I wonder if the smell of bacon makes anyone else sick now or is it just me?

I hope everyone is doing good!!!

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  1. amyvk's Avatar
    It sounds like you have done great! Congratulations. I hope you feel better soon.
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Feel better Robin. I felt nauseous yesterday and wasn't sure why since I didn't eat all day ...steak day! I began taking some Ecinacea (sp?) and it seems to have passed. Maybe some extra vits would help. Don't want to be sick and miss the wedding and wearing your new dress! What color?
  3. robinjanae's Avatar
    Thanks Amy!!!!

    Thanks Julie!!! I'm feeling a bit better today thank goodness. I wouldn't miss the wedding for anything. I'd sit in the back of the church if I had too lol. My dress is a grayish color. I'll try to put a picture up sometime after the wedding if I can. It was funny when I was trying on close I had a bigger size up and the hubby didn't like it but when I put the smaller size on he fell in love with it.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Years