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interuption ending on sunday

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I cant wait to start p2 again ( not loading but ive eaten off p3 as well) i havent weighed but even if I gained.. i neeed the break. I hope the first week resembles that of a normal p2 first week. Im rteady to go! I promised my hubby a date night tonight and then im doing a p3 correction day sat and p2 on sunday for hopefully 3-4 weeks. Then im so over this, lol. I was actually torn on doing hcg for the last bit or taking a new diet pill I heard of and doing exercise and like 800-1000 call a day. ( i usually can lose prety fast on that) but I thin ki need the p2 to mentally structure me, it literally makes me afraid to cheat and I think i need that. And I need the slow into p3 and 4 or i flip out and binge eat. Sooo hjere we go last few weeks, hope to get of 20 with some exercise, tone back up to what i was before i blew it last p3 and get back to my skinny jeans. has anyone done an interuption where theny gained some weight ( im sure im not the only one who didnt stay "p3" during one! Does the extra weight come off fast the first week? Im considering not weighing every week...but every ohter week. I know what works for me and what doesnt and i usually weight every week.. but i thin kstaying away from the scale and focusing on how I feel will make me be more in tuen with what this is about and not just the number. I get sooo obsessed on the number! I did a round last time ( i shouldnt have done) and after all said and done, loading a 3 weeks p2...I ended up just 4-6 pounds down form the lowest pre weight. And i ruined p3 and then was up up and away..which makes me "question" how stable we really get. I should have still had my "set-point" from the previuis round...unless the new one wiped it out god this diet may work quick but it sure makes me crazy and question..everything!!!!! Good luck to all. Everyday we are closer to never having to do this again!

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    Best of luck to you, Emross! You can do it. Make this one count, and it will be the LAST P2 for you EVER!
  2. emross82's Avatar
    Thanks lady! I appreciate your words of encouragement! Cannot wait to be were you are! I looove p3 and i love the fun of losing in p4..cause if you do , great but if you dont..you can still eat normal, lol. You can exercise!! your fat fast sounds great, i have been reading alot about it. I too, love fage..but i think im getting sick of it for corrections. been doing half FFF half steak days when im over latly. Keep me posted on your success, I htink your doing the right thing I dont like the idea of using this hormone anymore to lose..but I sort of feel stuck like I have to. I think once i have babies and it wipes it out of my system, im going to try and lose what i gained on my own again. hopefully its not alot! thats way down the road