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Wasn't expecting that!

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On day 7 of ph3 and I'm down a pound today! I've been eating 1500-1700 calories everyday. I re-introduced eggs yesterday for breakfast, I had just one. So today, I tried 2 I'm not quite sure why I lost a pound, but I'm not complaining! As of today I am 1.4 below ldw.

I made my own sausage patties yesterday! I couldn't find sugar free sausage or bacon, so I decided to make them. I used ground pork and put spices in (like cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, sage, parsley, thyme, and 1.5tsp EVOO) I pattied them out and put wax paper in between and froze them. YUM! So that was amazingly delicious to eat with 2 friend eggs this morning

I can't believe how much meat I eat. At least now that I can add eggs, I don't feel quite as much of a carnivore. I sauteed some green peppers in EVOO & butter last night with some garlic, salt, and pepper and they were so good!! I gotta say, so far I like ph3. I know things can change at any time, but I am prepared to handle it one step at a time if it happens.

I was going to try cauliflower crust pizza today, but decided to put that on hold. I had already bought the cauliflower so I froze it to use later. I just don't want to risk things yet. I want to totally clear eggs first. I only did one day of pistachios with no gain the next day but I want to give that a try again too.

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  1. mcrider1996's Avatar
    Great job! I wrote down your sausage recipe sounds good. I start P3 next week. Can't wait to add this into my meals. Yum....breakfast...can't wait lol
    I have probably a dumb question but what is EVOO ?
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    As Rachel Ray would say "EVOO", I just call it that too, it's extra virgin olive oil. I use that, coconut oil, and butter in ph 3
  3. Faithful's Avatar
    YAY! What a comfortable place to be weight wise... breathe easy for a while. I am glad P3 is going easier for you now and some of the uncertainty and anxiety have passed. Enjoy your healthy fat foods... I can't wait to get to P3! I am really missing natural peanut butter for some reason... love it on celery!
    I have also made my own sausage in the past, so much better than store bought. If you add fennel and garlic to the spice mix you get Italian sausage!
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    I didn't even think about fennel! I just bought some too, lol. Next batch... I might of put garlic in it, I'm not sure I just know it's really good I bought natural pb but have yet to try it. Still slowly adding those risky foods then I'll try it. I'm so excited to add to the celery, I don't like it plain. It will be wonderful to be able to snack on that and pistachios It's a great way to up the calories without eating so much meat. I looooove cocoa crack tho. And actually I bought the tasteless coconut oil and it tastes so sugary and good. I love it. I don't like coconut so I'm glad it doesn't have that flavor. Life is good right now And like I said, cuz I have to be prepared- if I gain a little, I'll balance it out. It'll be ok!!

    About the natural pb, do you think it would be good with stevia? Since pb has sugar in it (the regular kind) I was just curious...
  5. Faithful's Avatar
    I suppose you could put stevia in it if you prefer sweetened PB.
    Years ago I switched from Skippy PB to natural peanut butter. It didn't take long to get used to the different taste, and now I can't stand popular store brand PB... yuck - tastes toxic! Usually the biggest complaint with natural PB is not the lack of sweetness, but the fact that the oil separates and you need to stir it in. Also, I refrigerate the natural PB and it gets kind of hard to spread on bread.
    Personally, I would mix natural PB with that Cocoa crack... I bet it would taste like a Reeses PB cup candy! I LOOOOVE Chocolate and PB together! OK I need to stop before I start drooling on my keyboard! I am still in P2 and have 24 days left... I must stop thinking about yummy treats!