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Big Fat Zero

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This morning I didnt move up nor down on the scale. I have a feeling why it didnt move & I know how to correct it. So tonight it wont happen again. What was it? I ate dinner really really late & had an awful sleep. So Im not upset that this happened, I just have to make it right.

On another note, I have a feeling Im going to do more then one round of this diet since I would love to lose 70lbs from this weight. When the time comes I have found a store here in Alberta that sells the hormone drops. Im actually excited about that really. They said it has been a huge seller since day one & they will always carry it. I just may pick up a couple bottles and store in our spare fridge for future use. I'd really hate not to have it down the road.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    I already have my drops for round 2... I bought them with the first set because it was cheaper. I am not sure when I will do my second round. Probably 4-8 weeks after I end this round. I guess it will depend on how well I stabilize and what my calendar looks like. It is hard to have alot of "events" during P2. It would be fun to do round 2 together, I have appreciated you support during this round.
  2. DimePieceComing's Avatar
    I have drops for R2, starting April 6. Easter Weekend!! I have my 3 day load all planned out. LOL!

    I'll do my third and I pray final round around fall or when school starts. My hope and goal is to be between 140-145 by November 2012.

    Keep up the good work.