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bye bye pound!

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Another pound flew out the window & I hope I never have to see again. I love seeing the the scale go down when I'm in a stall.....stalls overs y'all! Well for this time anyway. Ive had 3 stalls during this diet all in the same round. I'm not sure what causes it really but I did receive some words of wisdom from a dietitian friend on why. So I tried what she said and low and behold the next day the scale moves. I dont know 100% if it was her or just my body but Ill try it again when I stall.

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    Will you share these words of wisdom from your dietitian friend?
    Good job... one more pound down!
  2. Cpow's Avatar
    Yea! Please share... I am on day 5 of my stall! Gettin' sick of this!
  3. kelico's Avatar
    Ok I will share but if it causes you to gain, stall etc lol you cant hold it against me. I ate 800 cals & had had a startch. She said my body is more then likely used to the 500 cals and I need to change it. Almost like shocking it & lossing it again. I weighed myself through out the day yesterday and about an hour or 2 before bed I weighed 2.6lbs more then I did this morning. So with the water & food intake I gain 1.6 lbs and lost it over night. Does that make sence?
  4. Cpow's Avatar
    Not really, but then nothing about this diet makes sense!
  5. Faithful's Avatar
    I am glad it worked for YOU! I think that our bodies do adapt to a routine and it is good to mix-it-up sometimes. I have heard of some people doing a fff (fat-free fage) day during P2 to break a stall and most report a 1+ pound loss the next day. Just do what works for you... everybody is different.
  6. Cpow's Avatar
    What the heck is fat-free Fage - and what do you do with it?
  7. Faithful's Avatar
    Fage is greek yogurt. Evidentally, you take one whole day and eat nothing else but this yogurt... like 32 ounces or something. It is definitely off protocol. I have never done it, but you can search this forum and find more info.

    Actually, I just noticed "Captncrunch" title "GOAL!" just posted about a fff day. Check it out, maybe she can answer questions.
    Updated February 15th, 2012 at 06:26 PM by Faithful