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Day 6

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I have adjusted my smoothie. No fat. 2 scoops of protein, allow, spinach, blueberries and strawberries. I split it into 4 and I had Vegas whole food optimizer...just 1/2 of a serving.

I will get this worked out.

My book from the dr said to go ahead and workout. The nurse said if I did that I better add some more food. I am not sure.

I started at 158.2 and I am now at 159.2. I am ready for some of this weight loss everyone else is enjoying!

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  1. Rusty's Avatar
    Dr. S said not to workout, unless you were doing it prior to starting HCG. If you are going to workout, you may want to add more protein (which I know is hard). I would suggest re reading P & I, to see where Dr. S stands.