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Iím so frustrated right now. This round has been so hard for me and to make matters worse the hubby has been eating twice as much meat (because he was still very hungry) and I found out he is also eating cheese and other things that arenít on protocol and still losing weight like crazy. I hope he can stabilize in round 3 and 4. I was ready to stop this round a couple days ago but he talked me out of it. Iím 10 days into it now so I will keep on truckin along. I hope my buddies are doing much better than me right now.

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Round 2


  1. CBS's Avatar
    Hi Robin, men are frustrating to compare ourselves to...hahaha...among other things. My husband sits and eats a huge piece of apple pie every night and has trouble keeping weight on. It is nice that he is doing it with you though...and there to support you to keep at it.

    I hope tomorrow is better for you.
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hi Robin, doing it together is both a blessing and a curse. I just read a post from someone who lost 5 lbs in 3 days and is unhappy BC her husband has lost lots more. That's just the way it is and quite annoying! I messed up in r2 also and am trying to correct now. Hang in there and get your head right. If you want to lose more wt, look at everything YOU are doing to see what's up. If you are losing,you are doing great!
  3. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Yep, I started this round with my husband which didnt work out well for us. He was starving the whole time and ate SOO much ! He lose exactly double what I did in the same amount of days eating more than me. I wanted it to work so badly I didnt think about his emotional/physological part of it, he quit after 6 days VLC. Its good now even though he has to cook breakfast every morning now (eggs and turkey bacon) and he is eating sugar free cookies/ puddings etc... which puts a huge temptation in front of me but he is stabile! His weight fluctuated a few days after he stopped but now its just staying the same! (I wouldnt be so lucky. ) Its not fair but Julie is right, its just the way it is. You can do this! Stick to it, it will work! Plus if you are hungry its not a bad thing to eat an extra couple bites of chicken or have some celery sticks to munch on etc... make your food interesting. Try that strawberry smoothie etc... your food gets boring and its hard to stick to eating like this for a long period of time. Someone once asked me while I was whining about something i "wanted" to eat, whats more important that "treat" or losing weight?
    Its tough love for me, currently having the largest craving of my life and going without daily... looking forward to the day I can endulge even if its just a bite, it will be the best bite EVER and I will feel so good being at my goal and getting that treat. Good Luck!