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yikes ...added calories...hope I didn't go overboard!

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ok - so I tried cutting back calories - and nothing happened...so today I added calories....lots of them - I didn't realize how many til I just added it up. its 2600!!! I am guessing tomorrow will be a steak day! ugh - it was all protein and fat - nothing new - and nothing out of line....the hard part is that I had to make myself eat - was soo not hungry at each meal. Should have plotted it out first.....ugh!

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    How did it go this morning? Hope everything is well
  2. hsm's Avatar
    oh Lou!! You are soo sweet - how was your morning weigh in?? You won't believe this - I was actually down .2!! I am telling you - I went to bed near tears because I thought I was soo stupid to not pay closer attention....and I am down - not much - but still down - AND - I am still having ...er...regularity issues....I am trying to deal with those - but have not been entirely successful - and I was thinking just the weight of all the food I ate yesterday would cause a gain........
    sooo....yeah....think I am going to duplicate today as closely as I can....except I am going to add fage......
    I love P3 - 8 more days!!!!
  3. Loul29's Avatar
    I am oh so happy for you I bet that gave you a sense of relief! I think the fage should help with that issue. I know the cocoa powder I constantly eat now def. helps for me hehehe. Wow, 8 days left only! That went by FAST! What's the plan after?????