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1st Time HCG for me!

Food Combination lists

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http://www.marilu.com/wp-content/upl.../foodchart.pdfTHE BASIC RULES OF FOOD COMBINING
Do NOT eat proteins and starches together. Your body requires an acid base to digest proteins and an alkaline base to digest
starches. Proteins and starches combine well with green, leafy vegetables and non-starchy vegetables, but they do not combine
well with each other.

Do NOT mix fruit with proteins, starches or any kind of vegetable. Fruits digest so quickly that by the time they reach your
stomach they are already partially digested. If they are combined with other foods, they will rot and ferment. Always eat fruit by

Melons digest faster than any other food. Therefore, you should NEVER eat melons with any other food, including other fruits.
Always eat melons on their own.

Do NOT mix acid and/or sub-acid fruits with sweet fruits at the same meal. Acid fruits, such as grapefruits, pineapple and
strawberries can be mixed with sub-acid fruits such as apples, grapes and peaches, but neither of these categories can be
mixed with sweet fruits such as bananas, dates or raisins.

Eat only four to six different vegetables or fruits at one meal.

Fats and oils combine with everything (except fruits) but should be used in limited amounts because they wonít inhibit digestion, but they will slow it down.

Wait the following lengths of time between meals that donít combine:
2 hours after eating fruit
3 hours after eating starches
4 hours after eating proteins

Iíve been FOOD COMBINING for years and along the way Iíve discovered some tips that you definitely wonít find in any of the conventional food combining books, but seem to work very well for me. Try them and see if they work for you.

I divide my day into three food combining segments: I eat a fruit morning, a protein lunch and a starch dinner. This gives me my cleansing fruit meal first thing in the morning, my energy-packed protein lunch in the middle of the day and the slow steady release of energy from complex carbohydrates at night. This isnít always possible and itís not a big deal if your schedule makes it necessary to eat a carbo lunch and protein dinner or carbo breakfast or protein breakfast, etc.
Many days I eat my protein lunch in the form of a starch-legume meal which makes a complete protein. If you experience a 4 oíclock energy slump, save some of your lunch protein or your lunch carbohydrate to recharge your batteries.

If you miscombine by eating starches with protein, eat some legumes with the starch and the starch will become a complete protein. For example, if you eat chicken with rice, be sure to have some beans to make the rice a complete protein. If beans arenít available, grab a handful of peanuts and eat them after the meal.

I choose not to eat dairy products, but I do eat foods high in calcium so that I get a sufficient amount of it in my diet. Among my favorites are broccoli, salmon, green leafy vegetables, figs, oats, sesame seeds, tofu and black strap molasses.
I recommend limiting foods from nightshade plants (eggplant, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, etc,). However, if I do eat fish at night, I find I digest this protein meal more quickly if I eat a fresh tomato with the fish. If you have arthritis, I strongly recommend you never eat nightshade plants.

Never eat nuts without having some acid fruit with them. This is one of the exceptions that prove the rule. Nuts are fattening, I know, but sometimes I canít resist, so I always make sure I have a glass of orange juice or some other acids when I indulge.

If you do eat dairy, combine it with and acid fruit, especially pineapple which contains bromelain, and enzyme that helps the stomach digest dairy.
People always ask me if itís possible to have an occasional drink and still food combine, and I tell them when drinking alcohol,
follow these rules:
ē Drink two glasses of water for every one ounce of liquor, four ounces of wine or eight ounces of beer.
ē Drink beer and grain alcohols (vodka, scotch, etc.) when eating carbohydrates.
ē Ideally, you should drink wine and champagne only with fruit.
Drink spring or bottled water only. It is better not to use ice because extremely cold temperatures are damaging to the sinuses.
However, if you must use ice, make sure thatt it is from the same pure water source as your drinking water. Also, avoid sparkling
or bubbly water since the carbon dioxide used to charge the water interferes with digestion. And, last but not least, only drink
water 15 minutes before eating or 1 hour after eating and not with meals.

potatoes - carrots
parsnips - corn - winter squash
(barley, buckwheat,
dried corn, oats,
rice, wheat, rye)
brown rice
wild rice

LEGUMES (may be combined with grains, pasta, bread to make complete protein)
beans - peas
tofu - peanuts

poultry - fish
meats* - cheese - milk - yogurt
& other dairy products*
eggs - nuts** - seeds
* I do not recommend dairy or meat. However, I've included these for clarity.
** Nuts are part protein, part fat & may be eaten as both. When eaten as a snack, always combine with an acid fruit.

cabbage - kale
lettuce - celery
sprouts - artichokes
mushrooms - string beans
green peas - green beans
red, yellow, & green peppers
cucumber - cauliflower
broccoli - spinach

butter - margarine
all oils (including olive,
vegetable, safflower)
olives - coconuts
* Oils and fats combine with all foods, but should be used sparingly because they slow the digestive process.

bananas - plantains
dates - persimmons
figs - prunes
raisins - dried fruits

oranges - lemons
limes - kiwis
apples - apricots
blackberries - plums
peaches - cherries
pears - raspberries
mangos - nectarines
grapes - papayas
cantaloupe - honeydew
watermelon - casaba
christmas - crenshaw

When I was in high school, the only science class I ever liked was chemistry. I love putting different things in a test tube and watching
them change. Understanding FOOD COMBINING is a lot like chemistry class. Think of your stomach as a beaker. When you put starches
like bread, rice, potatoes or corn into the beaker it requires an alkalinhe base in order to digest it. It you put in proteins like fish, chicken,
eggs, or nuts, it requires an acid base in order to digest. If you know anything about chemistry, you know what happens when you mix an
acid with an alkaline ó they NEUTRALIZE each other. When you eat foods that are starchy with foods that are protein, they donít digest.
Instead, they rot and ferment. It is this spoiled, undigested food that is then passed on to your intestine. A lifetime of this eventually leads
to health problems and digestive distress.
FOOD COMBINING, first discovered by a medical doctor in the early 1890s, explains how to eat foods that donít FIGHT each other for
digestion. By following this simple chart and the written guidelines, along with my tips, you will learn which foods can be combined for the
most efficient, healthy digestion.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Gina, this is all interesting, I remember reading some of it on the blogs before. And for myself, I can understand incorporting some of it, some of the time. But I think for most people this conscience food combining might be difficult over the long haul. Maybe it's just so different from the way we typically eat. Good info, and probably right on target, but except for limiting the fats and sugar combinations, I don't see myself eating this way always. I'm curious, do u think u can?
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    I'm still on the fence about dairy and I love my fats. As for sugar I like agave nectar, honey, maple syrup and turbinado rather than white sugar any how so that's not a biggie. I think I could do most of the combinations. Before hcg I only ate meat about twice a week so I'd like to get back to eating meat maybe just once a day and reduce my red meat to once a week.

    So I'd incorporate some of the guidelines but not all. Seems to strict to me.

  3. annie33's Avatar
    I know this is an old entry, but this has been the most helpful post for me. I hope any newbies starting out find this. Once i figure out how to navigate this forum properly, I'll post it somewhere "newer". Invaluable. Such great great information.