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2 month weight average (maintenance)

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Yesterday I added up my daily weights for the past 61 days since being done with the drops and then divided up to get my average... my average was my EXACT LDW!!! 148.8! Now, I'd love to be losing more BUT I'm definitely maintaining! Just thought I'd share!

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    lol, wow thats pretty awesome. good for you!
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    Hey there! Good to "see" you! Glad to hear you are doing well.... awesome job maintaining! Obviously, your eating right for your body.

    It is so weird that you posted this today, because I just did the same exact thing this morning!!!
    My P3 has come to an end and I have been bouncing up and down and up and down and up and down and up... you get the picture! So this morning I averaged my P3 weights and came up with 184.9 lbs. My goal stabilizing weight is 185 (+/- 2). So overall, I guess I did pretty well, eventhough, I did do 3 steak correction days over the course of the 3 weeks. Heading into P4 will probably not change my eating too much. I will still do high protein and veggies, with low carbs mostly from fruits. I feel best when I eat this way. I will be doing one more round hHCG starting in May. II hope to lose atleast 20 more pounds. After that I will still have about 10-15 lbs. more to lose, but not sure I will be up to doing more HCG. I may try to just work it off the old fashion way!
    Please check in from time to time! It is good to hear from a familiar "friend"!
  3. Kellep's Avatar
    Yeah for you and that is encouraging to us all for our futures.
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks ladies
    Faith- great!! It's good to look at the big picture instead of the day to day frustration if the scale isn't agreeing with you!