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Got it now.....

Why can't I just "GO"....

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TMI people, I can't go. I'm using CALM powder from the health food store, probiotics, and stool softener and the body just...won't....go.....Just a little since Saturday......

On better news I'm right at LIW.

Yesterday, it was bacon and eggs and minute muffin
Tuna salad on spinach, romain, and broccoli.
Cottage cheese
Mug cake with whipped cream
Boiled eggs....no dinner because I went to bed.

Today rocking the dutch pancake, eggs, mug cake
Burger off the grill and P2 chili....

Hope you are all having a great nite sleep while I'm running around a warehouse.

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  1. Beth_M's Avatar
    how much Natural Calm are you taking?
  2. merimatt's Avatar
    1 tsp in the water...I've taken it once a day for 2 days. I'm thinking of upping it to 2, one at night and one in the morning.
  3. Beth_M's Avatar
    1 tsp? Yes definitely try increasing it for a few days.

    If it hasn't helped, increase it again.