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Countdown to round 2

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I must say I am feeling a bit anxious as I am getting ready to cycle back into P2 this weekend. Little bit excited, a little bit scared. I have heard so many bad things aroud round 2's. Well I can't let that influence me I guess. I had a great time stabalizing in P3- I am under my LIW right now. I am doing a modified load for two days so I will see how much I gain back. If I'm correct I should be right about my LIW after load days..

I truly hope to lose at least 15 pounds this round before my vacation on May 28th.. Fingers crossed. Of course I know that will require determination and persisitance in making it so..

Well loading on 4/27 -4/28 - I'm Back!!

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  1. Cpow's Avatar
    I am in day 3 VLCD of round 2. I too began my round 2 under my LDW - by one pound. I gained 4 pounds during loading. On day 2 I had dropped the load weight, plus .2. So I am officially .2 into new territory!! Whaaa-hoo!

    I am finding that it is taking a little time to get re-used to the protocol. The first day I was hungry... but I figured it was just my tummy coming off my p4 eating. The second day was better. I'm having to fight the "munchies" in the evening. On p4 I could eat some almonds, or pork rinds or some salami & cheese - but now, nothing.... except a piece of fruit. But I made it before... and I'll make it again. So will you!!
    Round 1 Began Jan 16- P2,3,&4: -27.8
    Round 2 - April 21; Post Load +4
    Round 2 - VLCD day 1: -3
    Round 2 - VLCD day 2: -1.2
    Total loss: 28 lbs Total inches lost: 24 ¼”
    “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..” Zechariah 4:10
  2. linchar's Avatar
    It sounds like I'm on the exact same tract as you, loading 4/28 & 29 from phase 3 going back to phase 2. I wondering how you're going to approach your loading. Are you going to stick to phase 3 foods? I'm undecided as to how to go about it. Right now I'm leaning toward just trying to increase my phase 3 food intake but I already eat quite a bit and haven't gained any weight since my LDW so.....
  3. Cpow's Avatar
    I have already loaded... and I ate all the things I have been missing! I had waffles, drenched in butter & syrup; Chinese food; mini cream filled puffs; fried chicken w/mashed potatoes & gravy; fish & chips & ice cream... As I have read it, loading is supposed to be fat-filled foods - and I did that! I'm not sure that is correct, but I'm loosing - so I'll take it!

    BTW, VLCD, day 3 - I lost another 1.4# - grand total of 5.6 (including loading weight) in 3 days. I'm good with that!
  4. linchar's Avatar
    Good job )