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R2P2 Load day 1

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Well here I am again, ready to start losing more weight. It is so exciting and so nerve wrecking at the same time! I feel great anticipation to start losing again and great fear of eating so limited foods. I do normally eat a huge variety of foods and being on protocol is hard for me. Especially with working full time and planning all those meals out. Yuk I hate it.

I have found that for me - loading on the weekends works best. I seem to enjoy the freedom of being off and having those days to just eat in preperation.
I think I'll make some lasagne this weekend. Today was load day one and I had a great breakfast = omelet of cheddar cheese, bacon, red peppers, onions. Coffee with
full fat dairy real cream ( yum ). Coconut oil in my coffee - yes! But since I've been eating primal I have pretty much eaten this way anyways LOL> I'm not planning on loading on sugars ( they will be used very sparingly in my future forever) on special occassions only. So that means more healthy fats. Funny thing is I'm not sure how much I need to load as I'm pretty sure my normal fat reserves are full right now - during this P3 I have changed my body chemistry from a carb burner to a fat burner - so I'm hoping that will make it even easier to live off my fat in P2.

Right now I have no idea what to do for lunch? Usually I have been eating full fat yougart and fruit, not very hungry after a BAB - Big *** Breakfast - but I must find something for lunch today. On the Leptin Reset you have to eat a big breakfast everyday for 21 days. I just finished that. Now I'm going to no breakfast during P2, so that has me a bit nervous I must say - not eating until lunch again. I found doing P2 that not snacking between was better for me. Snacking between just makes me more hungry!

Well, have a nice day everyone and more to come soon! Yeah for P2 and more losing!

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  1. justjoan060's Avatar
    That swinging back and forth between huge breakfast to no breakfast has confused me too! I haven't done LR yet, but plan to when this round is over. Did you jump right into BAB the first day or LR, which would be the 4th day after hcg? I haven't quite found an answer to that.
  2. Kellep's Avatar
    Yes, I just went right into it. It didn't seem to affect my stabalization - maybe helped it. I never went up more then a pound - even eating this huge BAB.. I thought I would but didn't. I ate and ate it seemed. I do believe my body has changed and the leptin reset worked for me. I'm now a fat burner again - I did lose 2.5 pounds in P3 doing the leptin reset and I was trying hard to keep my weight up.

    I think you should go right into it too. That seems to be best from what I've heard. That is what Many do. I think it will be harder now going back to no breakfast again. Funny but I always wake up starving after the leptin reset, before I was never hungry in the AM - another reason I believe it did work..
    Good luck in P3 - on leptin reset you will find it a breeze!!
  3. justjoan060's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! I'm really looking forward to it - it's my kind of food! I'm really looking into eating primal long term. I bought the Primal Blueprint book tonight. Good luck this round!!!!