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Wow! FFF day FAB results! :P

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Haha, Oh my gosh! Guess what? I dropped 3 pounds from Fage day, I weigh 166 now! Probably mostly from water weight, though...:P But still I'm down 3 pounds! I am SO glad the FAGE day is over because I wanted to gag the whole time while eating it!!! -.- :P That brings me to 2 pounds above LDW, though. So close! <=/...

So, today I am doing a high protein day. Something different, something new. It sounds good to me! I am suppose to have only protein all day, no carbs. This morning for breakfast continute @http://american-ily.blogspot.com/201...results-d.html

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  1. Sraines's Avatar
    Nice!! I forget at what point do you get to do the FFF days? Been a while for me.