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Half Way Tomorrow

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I love saying that - because no matter what we all know ' how hard this diet is at times'. I love losing but this is one of the hardest disciplined diets I have ever been on. With no carbs and few choices. Luckily the weight does come off very quickly or none of us could stick with it. I've heard people say ' well sure your going to lose weight your only eating 500 calories a day ' I feel like saying okay you try a 500 calorie diet right along with me ( me on hcg and you not) and we'll see who does what.
The truth is without the hcg your body will starve and you will know it as it will not feel pleasant.

Tomorrow is half way through this round and I hope and pray I'm in the 140's, as I haven't weighed myself in the past few days. That would be so cool!
My goal was to lose at least 15 pounds from pre-load weight, which is what I lost the first round also. But that will make 30 overal, which is huge. I think I can, I think
I can-- I hope I can - I hope I can!

I actually am really enjoying not weighing every single day and it is working for me. I don't like being discouraged - I like being encouraged. Looking at my weight daily I think tends to make me focus on the short term. I want long term vision not the day to day. Most diets recommend you weight in every week. HCG says daily, to keep you motivated. There is no real reason to weight daily if you are following protocol to the T as I am. If I wasn't I might want to see what different foods are doing to affect my weight loss. So I am going to stick with weighing in every few days. I will see tomorrow and I'm sure I have lost weight. I will be extremely happy if I can maintain .5 now until the end. If I weight every three days and lose 1.5 I will be happy!!

I like being able to count down to P3 again now also. It is always easiest for me on the downhill. Once I get half way I see the end in sight.
Keep at it, one day at a time..

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  1. Kahlan's Avatar
    I'm so proud of you for sticking to it so completely! I'm hoping to do the same this round. I also think I'm going to stop weighing in every day in a week or so. Glad you've been losing so well!