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Whoa it worked!

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Below are my before and after pics! I'm pretty much where I want to be. My goal weight that was a good weight 15 years ago is a little too low now, so I'm good. Couldn't be happier!! I lost 40 pounds and am back in the size I was before I gained the weight. I know I haven't posted in quite a while. It seems like I don't get much done with a new puppy in the house. I'm about at the end of R2P4 so will continue to maintain and add things back to my diet. I didn't even realize what a difference 40 pounds makes until I see these pictures side by side! Geez!! More and more people in my area are doing hcg now! I think it's the most awesome thing ever - gave me my life back. My hair has thinned, I think mostly since I quit the last round of drops, but hopefully that will come back OK. I'll try to get back on here more because I want to be support for others, too. Thanks to everybody who boosted me up and answered my questions here. This forum is so great! Good luck to all of you!

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  1. coyote's Avatar
    Thanks so much for posting and inspiring us! you look GREAT! and that darling puppy will sure keep you moving.
  2. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Taking Biotin supplements may help with hair loss. Look it up, good stuff. Been using it and have way less hair loss than I did when I did a fast loss diet like Medifast where i lost a bunch of hair every morning.

    You look great and congratulations on the loss!!!
  3. justjoan060's Avatar
    I'm done with the hcg for now, so do you think it would help regrowth, or only had I taken it during??
  4. GoingAgainsteveryone's Avatar
    Has your hair loss continued? I did one round and Im stabilizing now for the last couple of months. I am loosing a lot of hair. The doctor did I test and I was deficient in Folic Acid so I hope that helps the loss of my hair. I would love to learn more about your experience with the hair loss.

  5. justjoan060's Avatar
    I don't know if I'm losing any more, but I don't think it's grown back at all either, which they said would happen. But I'm going through a divorce and the stress of that isn't helping, I'm sure, so you can't go completely by me. I plan to do another round soon, so I hope I don't lose any more. I'm going to take vitamins more faithfully during this round and hopefully that will help. A lot of people on here say to take Biotin. (I think it's a concentration of a bunch of B vitamins). I tried taking it for a while after hcg and got wierd swelling inside my mouth so I quit. Maybe it was caused by something else and coincidental. Have you tried that?
    Updated April 12th, 2012 at 07:35 AM by justjoan060
  6. GoingAgainsteveryone's Avatar
    Have you started your second round yet? How is your hair loss going? Mine continued then stopped a bit Im not really sure where I have ended up. But I think the vitamins do help. Stress does not help, so I hope everything is going well with you.

    What do you mean by, "they said it wouldnt grow back"? My hair stylist said she thought a lot of mine was growing back. So I have my fingers crossed. I would love to know how your second round goes. I would love to start a 2nd round in the next couple of weeks to a month. Any advice would be amazing! Thank you!