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Very slow week

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No change from yesterday, still at the same 178.4 I did find out the the Stevia in the Raw I have been using is not just Stevia...so I am going to cut that out and see what happens. Started back to the gym on Monday for my regular schedule of light weights and cardio. I just always feel so much better after I get my workout in. It also helps me with my cravings. I notice as soon as I start my workout the cravings dissappear...so that in its self is reason enough for me to keep doing it.

VLCD8 179.4
VLCD9 178.4
VLCD10 178.4

Happy Hump Day!!!

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    Hang in there, you will start losing again... soon! During my first round, My second week was slow. I attribute it to my body adjusting. Also, just because it doesn't show on the scale, doesn't mean you are not losing inches. You are doing great!