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Steak Day Success!!

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My last blog had me driving to Indiana for the Thanksgiving holiday and I weighed 139.8 lbs! Well, shortly after that, all went a rye. I gained about 8 lbs in several days. It was aweful. Now looking back, I feel it was from not eating enough, not enough protein and then I did have beer and some carbs so that combined with not enough caused some major weight gains. My sister is naturally thin and barely eats. She eats healthy when she does eat but, she can eat two small meals a day with no in between snacking and be totally fine. She is also shorter. Me, I need to eat! I tried but often it was hard. So, I learned what never to do again. I did not gain on Thanksgiving either. I gained on that trip 11 lbs total and was so mad.

Once I got home, the first few days I dropped 2 lbs and was siked. After that, none. I became fustrated and mad. After consulting a few fellow losers on here, I remembered what I must do! It was like my memory was gone. I had no idea what to do! After several people told me HIGH protein, it worked! I dropped from 148.4 to 146.4 in a day. Yesterday I did a steak day and lost 2.4 lbs. Now I am a 1.4 above my LDW of 142.4. I need to master this thing. My goal is to be 135 eventually. I would like to get to 140 before Christmas and am going to give it my best shot.

The key is high protein but you have to figure out how many calories is right for you. You need to know several things such as BMR. My friend Britt shared this site http://www.cordianet.com/calculator.htm which is very helpful. You input the info and it tells you how much to eat to lose fat. How much to eat to stay where you are at. For me, I only have under 10 lbs to reach my goal so another round of HCG is not necessary. I can do it with proper eating/fasts and working out. Its a new way of looking at life for me, thats for sure. Once you do it, it becomes second nature. I am grateful that my weight is so much closer to my LDW. I will eat today but healthy and not excess. No nasty carbs etc.

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  1. britt8tink's Avatar
    I'm soooo happy for you!!!