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Heather D

LIW 158.5 - P3 here I come

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My Hcg experience has been an interesting ride. Yesterday was my last injection and I am really excited and apprehensive about moving on to P3. I am so looking forward to adding new and different flavors back into my diet, especially cheese! I have been craving it for days now.

Even with some cheating, I am proud to say that I have released 22#s (never to grace my frame again). I havent weighed in the 150's since somewhere around sophomore year in high school.
Its not quite as much as I was hoping for but I went off the rails for a while and thus I knew I wouldn't meet my 30# goal. That said, 22#s in 40 days is quite an accomplishment for me. Prior to this diet I spent a year working out 5-7days a week (2-3 times a week with trainer) and eating healthy and only lost 5#s.

When I bought my HCG I bought 3 vials thinking I would need to do atleast 3, if not more rounds, to reach my initial goal of 140#s. But I only have 18#s to go, so i think for my next round I am going to adjust my goal to 130 - 135 which I can achieve in one more round. The thought of that makes me a little giddy.

Now I just wish these last 2 no injection days were over. I made the mistake of looking at food **** a week ago and now I have several recipes I am DYING to try. I am a major foodie and cooking is one of my passions, so having more food variety has got my culinary gears going at full tilt.

For my fellow P3 foodies, you should check out this website.

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  1. dawnl's Avatar
    Im not at that point yet, but when I get there I will certainly try some of those recipes. Thanks for posting it...and great job on your losses...enjoy P3!!!