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First week after Planned Interruption --- down 7.2 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to change my ticker today YEAH!!!! And, I am so happy to report some milestones:
- I am within 20 Lbs of my goal weight! (Changed my ticker today! )
- I just fell into the 160s!
- I lost 7.2 lbs this week ---- gotta love that planned interruption.

I have changed the way I am approaching the food plan, I am eating mostly protein and together with the HCG, I am seeing some outstanding results; down 2.4 on Friday and - 1.4 yesterday. (that's -3.8 in 2 days!) Now I am a little afraid to add back in the other food but I know I have to do that soon. But for now, I will enjoy the jump start! I am taking lots of vitamins.

The mostly protein eating has allowed me to break a pattern of eating a lot of bulk --- yes, it was in the form of lettuce but I think in the long run, i need to help my body be ok with a less full feeling or I am going to be in trouble when I try to maintain. Do you guys agree? I need to learn some portion control! The lettuce also keeps my tummy very distended and I need to work on that too! And, I think since I am not reporting to a high stress job, that is helping my body to relax and concentrate on doing its job!

I am reading a lot to understand more
Mastering Leptin &
Weight Loss Apocalypse. And I am happy to say they are starting to make sense now that I have stopped shoulding all over myself with work issues.

One of the biggest things I took away for WLA is that we are too focused on the wt loss and not dealing with the emotional reasons of why we eat. If we dont do that, we may never be able to maintain the loss. And as far as Leptin goes... that hormone has to get under control or all we may do is Yo Yo --- maybe at a lower wt, but we will still Yo Yo. So these are the next things I need to address.

I did Stillman a few times in my younger years and it was the only plan that consistenly worked and took away all the food cravings and compulsions. Obviously, it eliminates all the reactive foods! So I am grateful to have made the decision to follow a mostly protein plan now. I have been having steak for lunch and Tilapia for dinner and I use Victoria's low sodium tomato sauce on them for flavor. It has all natural ingredients and is the only jar sauce that my body likes (allows me to lose wt). My Italian ancestors are probably rolling over in their graves (((sigh))).

I am also doing some different work outs
Zumba Abs (all done while standing!)
Zumba Tone & Sculpt (these both are so much fun and feel like they are going to be very effective. )
Total Gym
Trying to tone up and build some muscle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am truly excited by my re****s this week!!!! I hope you are all having a great day!

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    Hi Julie, congratulations on your loses and getting into the 60's. Did you change your goal to 140 as I thought it was 150 before. I hate to disagree with you but I think veggies are extremely important especially greens. I doubt that lettuce made that much difference. Are you sure it wasn't the fruit that made the difference. I do trust that you know your body more than me. I just think we need to be careful about becoming diet junkies. I downloaded diet cure after you talked about it and then looked at my iPad on how many books are diet books and thought Oh God yet another one. I am not certain of the answers here but I am examining all of this for myself and want to eventually find a way to get off the diet roller coaster. I don't know what normal is but I am not feeling like I am there yet. I am happy for you that your PI is successful for you. You have put a lot into this and it obviously shows. Great job!
  2. livingnewlife's Avatar
    Congratulations Julie....I am a manager at McDonalds and last night I didn't have any food to cook to take to work. So I grilled me some chicken at work. This morning i was up 1.1 pounds. I know its not much but it disappointed me. I got me some Talapia today and it was so good. I have been only eating chicken this whole time. I am gonna keep going cause I am liking how I feel. I also have been doing the Total Gym and crunches.
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P, My goal for now is still 150. 19.6 lbs to go --- hehehe! Oh I agree that veggies are extremely important too! I just am not going to have them a few days a week just while I am on HCG. In fact I was concerned about my group bc they and me were doing multiple correction days in P3, and those dont include veggie. So we all pulled back to P2 foods and we did better.

    I am still searching as well. I think I am seeing some links between emotional eating, Hormonal urges and liver function. So I will peel away one layer at a time until i figure out what will work long term.
    Thanks also for your kind words and your caution. The reason I am searching for answers so intently i bc I do not wish to diet for the rest of my life. I want to create a lifetyle I can live with.

    Living --- thanks! SOunds like there may have been some hidden ingredients in the chicken. Maybe it was marinated or pumped up with hormones. The gain should go away tomorrow. Im so glad you are varying your diet. In fact, we are suppsoed to eat differently at lunch and dinner so try to expand your list of foods. Do you like beef at all? I use cubed steaks or London broil which has been on sale a lot lately. I also use chopped chicken to make burgers or meatballs. Had some tonight. Shrimp is a good one too but I show a slight temporary gain sometimes from the sodium but YUM!

    How do you like the Total Gym? Have you been using it long? Noticing any changes? I have a few exercises that I love to do like pull up for my back and arms and the ones for legs. Hope they will make a real difference. In fact, I am headed upstairs in a few to do some exercise befroe it gets to late.

    Night all!