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Update on maintaining post hcg diet

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For those who like to know how maintaining after doing the hcg diet goes... I think I'm doing pretty well. I started out at 188 and over 3 rounds lost 70lbs down to 118ish (from February 2011 until October 2011 with p3 and p4 in between). Today I weigh 129, and that's because I majorly splurged last weekend and earlier this week and so I am correcting now. Yes, I still correct to keep my weight in check. That's how I indulge from time to time. I'm not a prisoner of my body. I still enjoy "bad stuff", but instead of doing it day after day after day, I make up for it the next day, or two or three, whatever's necessary. I spent way too much money replacing my entire wardrobe to have to do it again. So, my usual weight is 125 and I fluctuate between that and 129/130. I'm very satisfied with myself and couldn't be happier. It is possible if you are focused, determined and strict about how you follow the diet and follow through. Good luck to all on the diet right now. It does work and it's the best diet I ever did, especially since I was able to lose 70lbs in 8-8.5 months. Weight Watchers never worked all 3 times I tried it... and gained back the weight each time.


Kelli, aka lawgal

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  1. Sessy's Avatar
    Wow! Thank you so much for this post! So glad to see someone in the real world livin the dream and making it work!
  2. We should be proud's Avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to write and inspire many of us. I am also in a sort of maitaining stage and I half to say that I found it as difficult as losing the weight. I have learnt so much about myself during the program!!
  3. Perseverance's Avatar
    Way to go! thanks so much for the update. I am happy to know you are doing well.