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Round Three Phase Two Week One

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R3P2D1- After eating and drinking until I couldnt hold any more, I am now on day one of Phase two. My stomach is still settling and I havent yet eaten anything. I went to the grocery store last night and purchased fruits, veggies, and lean meats. This time I'm going to be cleaner with my meats and cut out all diet sodas. Coffee is a must then. I purchased organic beef and organic chicken breast. Today I'm having imitation crab legs. I noticed a loss everytime after I ate these before on Round 2. This morning I weighed in at 161.6. I am shocked that I only gained 1 pound during loading. I felt greasy and sick from all I was puting in my mouth. I havent had 3000+ calories in one day since the last time loading. But- this time around I've chosen alcohol as my main indulgence. On round one I gained four pounds. Which is all completely silly because I've been doing 1200 calories, then I eat cake, and gain 1 pound. My body makes no sense to me. Perhaps during all of loading it was very hungry? I dont know. But I've been thinking alot about my hypothalamus lately.

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    Trying to add a ticker.
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    R3P2D2- I weighed my food last night. Man o man 3.5 ounces of organic grilled chicken is tiny! But veggie portions are larger than I expected. I am just now starting to feel a little light headed. I'm not displeased with my selective foods, but I have to stop myself from reaching for gatorade or orange juice, or anything else in front of me. This morning I weighed 157.2. This is the same weight I had sometimes been weighing in prior weeks, especially after a night of drinking and dancing and no dinner. When I get to 154 I will be convinced my body is actually showing a change. The scale was nice to see though. I would like to be 155 by the end of the weekend, which would shaw good progress on this round. I really think weighing everything will really make a difference. Yesterday and today I've been just trying to adapt. Going from super greasy to very little food is mental trip. Tomorrow morning I will be going rowing for 30-50 minutes with my crew. I hope I will not pass out in this 110 degree heat. I will be bringing protein and an apple as emergency energy. As I've indicated in my August 2011 thread, I think it is essential to also do some exercise during phase two. Especially for someone regularly active and muscular, like me. I am prepping myself as it will likely be uncomfortable. 30-60 minutes is a bit much. 10-20 minutes of activity would be better. But I'll be on a boat and dont want to let my crew down. I'll take it easy the rest of tomorrow and maybe just a dog walk on Sunday.
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    R3P2D3 today i rowed, it was okay! I'm down to 155.0 this morning. I'm a little light headed but I slept very well last night.

    R3P2D4 last night I felt lightheaded. I struggled thru. Today I'm 154.2.
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    R3P2D5 I'm going to say it again...exercise is a must! At least a little bit of exercise. Yesterday I putzed around town, did a little swimming and had a 45 min dog walk. Today I'm sitting pretty at 153.0. I did notice some new symptoms. On Saturday (D3) I was fairly spacey. Last night I was having body aches, specifically in my legs and calves. Perhaps I'll double my potassium pill today. But the pangs are mostly gone and not uncontrollable. Irritating at times. Sometimes I forget to eat too but I make sure to intake my allotment. Last night I weighed my protein for the week: shrimp, steak, chicken, turkey. Turkey goes the farthest size wise. I posed this morning in the mirror. When I'm under 151 it will be a new low weight since 2007. Yesterday I went out to eat with girlfriends. They had their meals and boozey drinks. I had water, coffee, and a dry green salad. I didnt feel deprived and I felt social, but if I had less of a positive attitude I can see how this would bother someone else. I'm steering clear of restarants for the most part until maintanence phase.
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    R3P2D6 Today I'm at 151.4! I'm very pleased. I am feeling a little spacey right before mealtimes but I'm shaking this off to great loss. I'm doing very well not cheating and only eating clean foods after weighing. I took twice my pottassium supplements last night and I noticed an improvement with the leg aches.
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    R3P2D7 I'm at 150.6! Exciting. Minus 10.0 pounds for week one. I may need a new scale tho because it states 3 different amounts
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    R3P2D8 STALL! Actually I seemed to have gone backward. I'm now at 151.0, which is disappointing. I havent yet cheated. I dont know why the change. I will try to exercise tomorrow, but with today's busy schedule its not possible. In other news, I'm not feeling compelled to eat. I struggled to get in all 500 calories. Perhaps I am now at starvation mode. Actually- i did get a massage last night with lotions. I never believed that myth of dont use lotions. Stink. I hope thats not it. Likely not....to the gym!
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    R3P2D9 Today I'm not only stalled, but i'm up another 0.4 for the second day in a row. it was 150.6 up to 151 up 10 151.4 today on Day 9. I was down 10 pounds for week one- which is great but darnit its gaining now. Im not on TOM and no cheating whatsoever. Perhaps this is my body's revolt to change, or starvation mode. My earlier low was 151- so this weight is a plateau point for me. My plan is to do a little evercise tonight, walking or cycling with a few weight exercises so that my body knows it is supposed to go down not up, and also not lose muscle. I'm curious what tomorrow will bring. I'm trying not to be discouraged.
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    R3P2D10 150.6 again...
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    R3P2D11 I'm convinced my travel weightwatchers scale is not the best nor accurate. Today's weight was 150.0, but it was also 148 and 150.4. Not too shabby! Now I just need to burst through these last 8 pounds.
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    R3P2D12 149.6 yay!

    R3P2D13 still 149.6. Yesterday I had girls night out with selective sushi foods, but couldn't get away from sauces then after I did a 45-60 min dog walk. I did second set of measurments. I'm down from 30.5 waist 41 hip to 29 waist 40.5 hip.
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    I'd like a cocktail. Maybe a beer. Both.
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    R3P2D14 149.0 yay!
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    R3P2D19 It was a long wedding weekend, absent a scale. After a few vodka shot splurges, I'm happily at 147.0 this morning. I have 7 days of pills left. Plus 3 days of more light eating before phase 3. My goal is 142.0 maintanence weight. My size 8 suit this morning was ridiculously loose. Size 6??
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    R3P2D24 143.6