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HCG P3 still losing weight..why?!

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Okay, so ive seen some ppl have also been losing weight while being on P3 for quite some time now. Can anyone please tell me what i need to do? What can i eat? There are soooo many food lists out there that some say you can have this, but some say you are allowed too. ggrrr...!!! when can i move to face 4????

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  1. MeganP's Avatar
    Sorry your still loosing on phase 3? if so you need to up your veggies like caluflour and broccoli.
    If you are reading that people are loosing, than thats there problem and theyll mess up there reset. one should never go above or under 2 lbs of your last injection/drop/pellet weight

    You can move to phase 4 after 21 days

    As for food you can eat antyhing not containing sugar or starches..having said this people do have sensitivties...
    Ie. cant eat cheese, dairy,eggs or nuts without gaining a crazy amount.
    You are supoosed to add those trouble foods listed above 3 days apart from each other slowly...if you are sensitve youll gain 1.5-2 lbs over those 3 days even if its all on the last day. you can lazer them and re try to eat them at a later time. Basically phase 3 is eatinf anywhere fron 1800-3000 calories in proteins, low sugar fruit ( most wait 2 weeks for fruit), veggies and fats (oils, avacados, butter ect).
  2. sunny0121's Avatar
    yeah...my set goal was at 145..which i reached...but now im at 139. Mind me, ( i dont mind that at all). I have been eating nuts, cream cheese, and eggs(just twice) for the past 15 days...i havent been gaining at all..rather losing. I havent had too many veggies as i should. I did have shrimp though(i thought it was ok to eat), but that bumped me uo like 2 lbs...so i havent touched that ever since the beginnig of P3.
    Okay, so what if it still not stabilizes after the 21 days?
    Thanks so much btw!
  3. MeganP's Avatar
    Im not stable still haha grammy says its not a big deal and told me to move on im phase 4 now but mostly eating phase 3 still althought that was my life plan...im stabalizing now so i cant complain i didnt realize i had a dairy sensitivity,,,that didnt help, than i had avacodos and gained same with cauliflour. You just need to be careful thats all. Spinach, cauliflour and brocoli will help stop the loosing.