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Phase 4 -Mid disaster

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So phase 4 has treated me okay..that is till i went home :/. So my ldw was 132.9 i have never stabalized there but i was stabalizing at about 134.0 ish and up. I went home for my little brothers birthday and all hell broke loose.. My whole family does hcg so why this happened im unsure. When i headed home i weighted in at ..134.7 so not bad. My first night home we had company and had a raqulet its like a thing where you make mini bread with melted cheese, sauce drenched meat and veggies. I did well i went inside and cooked my own chicken but i had a piece of bread ( im dairy sensitive) with cheese! i weighted in at 135.3 the next day, the following day 135.8 and yesterday 138.5! ( i had icecream cake, evidently a big big no no). I did a steak day and am back down to 136.0 thiw morning so not bad. My goal is to eat clean clean for the next few days and get close to 132.9. Im going to start the 30 day shred tonight, and get my gym pass monday. I want to reach 120 lbs by myself by november

Thanks for reading. Remember its possible to fix your mistakes

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  1. Rusty's Avatar
    You are right! You can get back on track!

    Just a question, you are aware that cheese and ice cream are both dairy products, right? If you are sensitive, treat it like a deadly allergy! That way, you can just say goodbye to something that isn't good for you.

    Happy losses and strengthening!

    PS: Jillian's great! I've done the Shred a few times.
  2. MeganP's Avatar
    Im aware they are both dairy but it was my brothers birthday and rather than funny looks i took a plunge im phase 4 so not a big deal. and thanks im felling it today!