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Progress and Patterns

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For those who haven't seen the reply from my last post, my headache seems to have gone away after two straight days of it. Though I still feel weird...it's as though I'm on a balance beam with it, and one small push will bring it right back on...perhaps like a tense muscle without the pain, if that makes sense. For example, if a particularly cold breeze blows on me for a few minutes, I feel a slight return, but it goes away and I just feel it 'on the edge of possibly coming back'. After the last two days, however, I'm not complaining too much about that!

On another plus side, I've lost 7 pounds overall from these last two days: 4 yesterday and 3 today. Tomorrow is my third straight day on the VLCD. Been sleeping like a baby, even despite the headache the last two days, which is another plus.

One interesting thing I'm noting is how much I want to eat on a -mental- and -emotional- level. Since I slightly increased the dose of the HCG, and my nausea has went away, I really feel very little hunger overall. But when my family eats, or when I get up and find myself in the kitchen I'm feeling that pattern. This is a learning experience in more ways than one. I don't like it...but will persist on anyway because there is a greater, good reason for it!

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  1. woohoo's Avatar
    You are doing great! 7lbs is awesome! I found the same thing with my eating patterns. The worst was when I was cooking because I didnt realize how much I grazed. A little bit of this..and that! Packing my husbands lunch was difficult too. It is difficult but a good learning experience. A challenge to conquer! I still cook dinner for my husband every night...dont even take a taste...lick of the finger nothing! It feels great to finish cooking and not have tasted it lol Keep up the great work!
  2. Eftimia's Avatar
    Awww, thank you! Cooking for my husband and two boys is a bit difficult, but I think the biggest problem is when we are at someone else's house. A few days ago we saw some old friends and they had over some of my favorite pizza....that was my first official VLCD day...but I stuck with it. Then yesterday was my best friends last summer barbeque. I brought over some ground london broil (it was the only thing I could find with next to no fat on it at the market, so the butcher ground it up for me, hehe). Unfortunately her husband grills everything to a super well-done state. When you can only eat the meat with no oils or mayo or anything like that....it's impossible to eat that kind of burger without choking! It was difficult cause everyone else was eating his flavored burgers along with some of the best smelling bratwursts (my favorite!). One of the guests made this Tibetan dish with long peppers and onions cooked in this creamy cheese sauce. We brought these roasted carrots that we sometimes buy at the farmers market from the rotisserie chicken making Mennonites. They put the fresh carrots underneath the rotisserie chickens as they are cooking so all of the juices from the chicken fall on them as they roast...OMG...they are AMAZING! But considering it's technically FAT falling on them, and that I don't see carrots on Simeon's protocol...it was sheer will power! SURPRISINGLY though I wasn't very badly tempted by any of it. Just a small moment on the brats and carrots and stew....very small. I was happy about that. I started sort smelling the foods and making that enough for the emotional 'need'. At first it didn't do the trick at all. Now it sort of does...but that drive to want to eat it will probably always be there. It really is a learning experience.