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Frenemies on the hCG Protocol: DO NOT TRUST These "Helpers" in P2 and P3...or even P4

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Recently, I saw a post from someone who was doing a few things "off protocol." Part of this was due to being hoodwinked, part of this may have been due to her personal ambivalence to stay on protocol. Whatever the reason, she is one of many folks I've seen make these mistakes. So, I'm listing these "frenemies" here -- they're things you should not trust as helpers when on the hCG Protocol or beyond it in Phase 4 (lifetime maintenance), even though they claim otherwise.

-"Miracle" noodles
Here's why: the body tends to hold onto anything it doesn't understand....and these noodles are full of junky fillers that confuses the body...and they can also lead to constipation due to their fillers/contents. Miracle noodles are no "miracle" -- in fact, they're quite the opposite.

Here's why: you NEED caffeine to help release fat; it's a vasodilator...and decaf has no caffeine, but TONS of chemicals.

-Soy, soy lecithin, other versions and names for soy
Here's why: it's a goitrogen, a thyroid inhibitor. And it gets more goitrogenic with cooking/processing. It's the worst of all goitrogenic foods, due to its insidiousness (it's in EVERYTHING nowadays), and its high potency.

-Acesulfame potassium (Sunett, Sweet One), Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet), Neotame, Saccharin (SugarTwin, Sweet'N Low), Sucralose (Splenda) -- ALL artificial sweeteners that seek to replace sugar, EXCEPT TRUVIA, as Truvia is NOT artificial
Here's why: they confuse the body, and load the body up with chemicals. Anytime the body is confused, it tends to think "what's this? Oh, it must be some sort of food. I'll figure it out later...but hold on to it now until I do." Bad stuff.

-Xylitol, and any sugar alcohol
Here's why: all sugar and starch needs to be avoided in P2 and P3 because they affect/raise blood sugar.

-ANY APPETITE SUPPRESSANT or diet pill -- phentermine included
Here's why: any diet pill is a HORRIBLE idea. Anyone who suggests using a suppressant or diet pill is out of their mind; people who use them are putting their body into starvation mode, and they'll gain back double what they lost, and perhaps MORE...

-hCG that is ONLY Amino Acids, or Fake hCG in Any Form
Here's why: a formula that is only amino acids is fake hCG. You will starve your brain off, and put your body into starvation mode. What's this mean? It means that you will lose perhaps a sizable amount the first day or two, slowly feel hunger that builds into raging hunger, and then start gaining as your body begins to hold on to every calorie you take in. And when you start gaining because you're in starvation mode, you need to keep decreasing you calorie limit to even HOPE to see a loss, until you're eating absolutely nothing. If this phenomenon seems to be what's happening to you in P2, drop your drops! And if you got these drops from a medical professional, drop them too! If any doctor treats hCG like "just a diet fad" then they are not the doctor for you; they're only trying to make money off your vulnerability and personal pain from being overweight. Not a person I'd trust to be my friend, much less my doctor!

-Protein/diet shakes
Here's why: most of them have fillers that come from either soy, egg, grains, or the like; all have the ability to junk up your metabolism and cause a gain. Soy will inhibit your thyroid, eggs will potentially cause an inflammatory response, and grain can do both of the above, plus the real possibility of constipation (whether immediate or over time). Also, many of them have casein and/or lactose in them, which can also cause a gain due to the majority of humankind, and Americans, being lactose intolerant. Between 60 to 75% of the US population is lactose intolerant; the number varies is in that range due to differences in studies and population shifts taking place. That number is so huge as well because folks who have a Northern European heritage are able to have the gene (and even then, not all of them); all other populations don't.

This list may be expanded at anytime, as I'm sure I'll run across more as I see more posts by folks. Any questions? Feel free to leave a message here, or PM me for more immediate answers.

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Updated September 13th, 2012 at 09:24 AM by GonnaLoseIt

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  1. Rivyn's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! I have quick question I hope you can answer: I'm taking raspberry ketones, and green coffee bean extract pills, mostly just to use them up cuz I feel bad about wasting money on supplements, do you think these are harmful to my hcg diet?
  2. Rivyn's Avatar
    Oh, also my green coffee bean extract capsules are decaffinated. Does that fit in with your "decade" section?
  3. Rivyn's Avatar
    Decaf not decade, pardon my auto-correct.
  4. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Hi Rivyn!

    I would personally stop both the raspberry ketones and the coffee bean extract that's decaffeinated. The only "helpers" that helped me lose more weight this round than last in Phase 2 are a magnesium chloride supplement (Mag64 by "Rising") that Walgreens sells behind the pharmacy counter (without a prescription). And, One A Day vitamins, the "Essentials" one ONLY. This is because you do not want TOO many vitamins in Phase 2, or too much ANYTHING for your body to get outta whack. You don't want to mess with the protocol too much, my friend, so that's why I chose to take the Essentials line of the One A Day brand. There's a LITTLE bit of starch and sugar and fillers in both supplements I listed, so that's a no-no in Phase 3. In Phase 2 though, what little was in it replaced my grissini/bread stick that's allowed on protocol. But because Dr. Simeons said absolutely postively NO starch and sugar in P3, I stopped it then.

    BTW: I HAD NOOOOOO CONSTIPATION OR DIGESTIVE ISSUES in Phase 2 this round!!! WOO HOOO!! That's because I took the vitamin and the magnesium supplement. They helped the pancreas continue to secrete enzymes used to break down all that veggie material that usually plugs folks up; without dietary fat, the pancreas just doesn't get stimulated as strongly to secrete enzymes. AND WHATEVER YOU DO -- do NOT take digestive enzyme supplements! I took them my first round, thinking the supplements could make up for the lack of pancreatic enzymes I had from not eating fat. They DID....but my body got dependent on them! Needless to say, when I stopped taking them in P3, my body spazzed out, I developed Acute Pancreatitis, and wound up in the hospital! It took me MONTHS to get back to a normal state and fully recover. Thank GOD I didn't have any lasting damage (that I know of, lol).

    SO. Rivyn, stop your supplements. But take the One A Day Essentials if you want to avoid constipation, and the magnesium chloride by Rising (the Mag64). Not any other form of magnesium; I won't go off on a tangent, but this one is the best for increasing insulin sensitivity, and also is the best for absorption.