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I love hCG!

Your protein limit: Phase 3, Phase 4, etc.

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Hey all. I have to thank Beth_M for this; I had no idea that someone could eat TOO MUCH protein and gain!

So, when I once had a gain, and Beth let me know it could be from eating too much protein, I went back and looked at my history that was present in my tracker. I discovered:

Whenever I went over 120% of my weight in cooked grams of protein, I gained.

So...if you want to be sure you don't gain from protein, I believe this calculation will be helpful.

1. Divide your weight by 5.
2. Multiply this number by 6.
3. Use this number when calculating your amount of cooked protein grams to eat per day.

That's it! And....this principle is probably the most useful principle I've come across. It's valid for P3 AND P4. And, perhaps knowing this principle will help anyone with P4 weight gain, or even P3 weight gain! The thing is, you need to have a tracker to do this accurately. If you don't have one already, the only one I rely on is the http://www.mynetdiary.com (MyNetDiaryPro) tracker. I have their app for my iPhone, but everyone can use their website, and there are other platforms they've created apps for.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment here, or PM me.

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  1. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Hi Jilly!

    Don't worry about trying to figure out where you'll be eventually until your body tells you where you should be. That's the tough part; you'll have to see what your body tells you as you increase carbs and calories.

    As a general rule, you'll use the second calculator to see what your "normal" calorie limit will be. And wherever you are on the carb re-introduction schedule is where you double your intake of carbs, but get there from where you are over the course of 5 days. The difference in the then-present carbs and the double amount is split up into 1/5ths, and each of those 1/5ths is added over the course of the 5 days. Same goes for the calorie difference between the first calculator and the second; you divide it into 1/5ths and increase it by 1/5th each day until you get there. For me, it meant 103 calories per day to add in.

    Your protein limit, though....THAT is the only thing that doesn't increase. It's a limit based on your LIW, and if you increase it, you'll gain. You can decrease it if you wish; try to never go below 80% of your protein limit though.

    So, hopefully that helps! Feel free to read through the "guide" here I created for a full explanation. Have a good one!
    Updated September 14th, 2012 at 03:57 PM by GonnaLoseIt
  2. lilies's Avatar
    I'm just confused
    I followed the protein calc u gave my liw 145 so I should have like 200 gm same as 500 diet so whats the difference. I thought the idea was to increase consumption
  3. lilies's Avatar
    And if you don't mind I got another q. Some posts here say that you can lose up to 10 pounds in phase 3 in correction days I really do need those extra pounds I cut my 1st round earlier. At 1 month doz I got stuck and didn't lose any more weight in like 15 days( bad drops I think)
    So do u recommend this step and plz if so tell me how to go from here
    Sorry to burden you thank you
  4. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Hi lilies!

    For you, 120% of your LIW in equivalent cooked protein is exactly 174.

    Bodybuilders will tell you this, as it's been happening for years: to increase (gain mass), they'll increase their protein consumption. Just their protein alone makes them GAIN, honey.

    Know what else? "Normal" folks are recommended to have JUST the equivalent to their bodyweight in cooked protein grams IF THEY DO NOT want to gain any. BUT...us? Because our metabolisms are HIGHER, we can go as high as 120%! So in a sense, we're doing what you thought we're doing. BUT for ANYONE, not even OUR superhuman (hah) new metabolisms....nobody should eat a ton of protein and not expect it to affect us.

    So, consumption: yes, you can eat more calories. And yes, that's true too. BUT JUST AS WITH PROTEIN....you can't eat whatever the h*ll you want and never expect to gain anything....there's no "unlimited" carte blanche on eating after the hCG protocol, honey. That's something that marketers selling drops online are telling folks to make things sound better than they are (and they ARE awesome....but not THAT awesome, lol). Also, another lie they tell: that "everyone will drop 2 lbs a day! That's normal! Expect that!!"....ugh. For females, "normal" on this protocol is .5-1.5 lbs a day, NOT A STANDARD 2 lbs! If someone (female) is losing THAT much, either she's on FAKE drops and this is the first few days of the protocol, and she's actually STARVING and doesn't know it....OR she's very, very overweight (and that would be okay then). The more you have to lose, the more you will lose per day.

    So, don't believe the hype, lilies. There's a lot of it out there!
  5. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar
    Hi lillies!

    Before you do the PCDS, it sounds like you need to do the Chicken Thigh Day. You need to correct, not just stabilize. THEN, you can do the PCDS (it's a stabilization strategy) after that, okay sweetie? I'll PM you to make sure you get this message.