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Stall So Soon

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Day 10


Things have been a little wired around here so I haven't had a chance to blog in a while..
I feel I have had decent releases since the get go, but here we are on day 10 and I weight the exact same to the ounce as yesterday. Can't really complain though, It would have taken at least a month or more for me to get to this point.

Took some magnesium liquid junk and had slight movement.. I still believe I have loading days in there so the thought it pretty gross at this point. If I can get a few days I may try Quel's method.

I switched to SubQ injections yesterday and it is not as bad as I thought.. didn't feel like I was in a heroin den or anything so that was good.

So far I'm feeling good and loving the protocol, forums, blogger friends.. I've never had so much support on a diet.. and this is leading to success. Have I said I love this forum... I really do!

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Updated January 18th, 2013 at 07:26 AM by go2gsus



  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    There you are!

    I'm glad to hear the transition for you went well! I this forum too for all the same reasons. I often wish I had more time to respond to others on here. Every day, I try to read and/or comment on a persons blog that I haven't talked to before, but I find myself so pressed for time by the time I am done responding to comments from yesterday and then writing my own post! I would do it at night, but that's strictly famil time.

    Anyhoo, don't worry about the stall! I've read that everyone goes through them and I did actually before you did! lol....but what I've experienced so far, every little minor adjustment we make to our protocol, our body has to readjust to. So just think of it that way. I'm sure you will be fine as long as you stick to protocol.

    As far as the pre-load food goes....I know Sar had suggested lemon water (like a hot tea). I have been drinking two of those with the addition of Cayenne Pepper (yes...cayenne pepper)... referred to as a California Kicker. On the one day I felt a little "stuffed up", I took a Super Colon Cleanse pill (it's an all natural type), cut the capsule in half and put the contents into my tea. It helped. I wouldn't make that a habit though if you don't need to. You should be able to get the Super Colon Cleanse at Walmart (it's a white bottle with green print on it...very basic looking).

    We already had that in our cabinets. I cut the capsule open because I wasn't sure what it's made of...better safe than sorry. It's hard to find even easy OTC meds that do not have some type of sugar or ingredient that we're not supposed to have.

    Maybe some other tips?: I use ACV quite a bit (mostly because I love vinegar) but it's supposed to be helpful with the breakdown and digestion of proteins... Steam some spinach with fresh garlic and add a touch of ACV, make a chili with ACV, Eat cabbage! Cabbage always works for me! lol....

    Good luck!!
  2. go2gsus's Avatar
    Hey, Lil.. you are an awesome encourager, I usually have "enablers" around me so this is sweet. Good for you for keeping "family time" America is being torn apart because of a lack in that area..

    I'll try the ACV.. as for the cabbage.. can p2 have sauerkraut? or just cabbage? I am going to look at the Super Colon Cleanse later today.
    I'm a coffee lover as well, to partake of the sweet nectar of the bean is a religious rite that is too hard to stray from, though it's usual moving effects for me has ceased, I wonder if the effect has reversed... Nooooooooooooo!

    I try and keep up to date on these things, but like all social media I lack in updates..sometimes on purpose

    To great releases;