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I cheated yesterday bad bad bad and I can't even say I did it because I was hungry I know this my sound stupid but I cheated because I gained and the day I gained I did not cheat at all so it pist me off so bad that I almost let my emotions get in the way and ruin the diet so not a good feeling I'm up almost 3 lbs in two days :/

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  1. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    I think that if I am going to fall off the wagon that is how it will happen for me. That is why when I don't see a loss or I have a slight gain I just keep going. Mindset is a powerful thing!! I think you really really need to do the self talk thing...ONE DAY AT A TIME..Because you gained 3lbs it is NOT over...Forget it, it might set you back...but move forward!! You can recover...The thing is you can give yourself a reason to cheat today now because of the 3lbs and make it 6lbs, tomorrow or you can jump back in the game. It might still be 3lbs up tomorrow, but at least you have taken control. Food has not taken control of you!!
  2. Third time is a charm's Avatar
    I honestly think very similar than you rearviewmirror. Our mind can be our friend or our enemy so quickly, that is why I started meditation to control anxiety and it works wonders to me. When you see that your train of thoughts is going the negative way stop and do something else, go for a walk, phone someone. I wish you all the sucess in the world.