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December 28, 2010, R5P2D1

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Today is day 1 of the 500 calorie. I take hhcg. I am on R5P2D1,I guess is the official way to post this.
I have learned many things on this program...and one big one is what works for one may not work for another. You have to learn to listen to your own body and understand what it is telling you.
My rounds have been good. I have had different issues with each round, after all you can not expect each one to be the exact same! R2 was really hard for me, ...my husband decided to do it with me and I felt like I was in competition with him the whole time, which of course men loose faster than women and although he kept telling me we were not in completion, I always felt like it and therefore, I struggled the whole round, mentally and physically. I cycled from R3 to R4, which may have played a roll in my down fall of stabilizing after R4 until now, that and possibly not waiting long enough between P2 and P3. In either case, I done it, it is over with and now to move on.
I did have an issue with a set of scales "breaking down" in the toward the end of my last round (R4) of P2 and that was a shocker....so I bought new ones, and wouldn't you know, they would weigh me differently!? haha So after figuring out the differences I realized that the new one weighed me 3.5 pounds heavier than my old ones. After I finally calmed down, hehe, I learned that I can go on with the round, and not kill over with dread! Oh and since it weighted me 3.5 pounds heavier, I figured that I must have started out weighing that much heavier in the beginning anyways...so that made me feel better too!
I decided to write a blog this time to be like a diary and help me through things on this round. To be able to post questions that I have and think things through out loud, per say, so if anyone wants to put in a though, I would be open to it. But if it is mean, please do not post, that is just rude. I would never do that to others and would not want anyone to do it to me. Thanks I am hoping and praying that I will get to my goal weight this time, but we will see....
So I am ready to get this started! I am tossing any and all leftovers that my children will not eat and sharing the other stuff, (candy and such) with others to get them out of the house....I have my water ready and I have a nice cup of Constant Comment tea here, waiting to be drank...Cheers!

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  1. ldygeko's Avatar
    And Cheers to you too! I also blog almost daily as a way of tracking my high points and low points. I don't think you'll see any negative comments to your blog - I've never seen any so far, though I guess there are those sorts of people out there! If they do, report the post to the moderator so they can "motivate" that person to not do it again. You're right, that's just plain..........mean and rude! Best of luck to you in your HCG journey!
  2. dda1's Avatar
    Thank you ldygeko I wish to best to you as well.