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VLCD 3 - So much better!!

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Since I was hungry pretty much all day yesterday, I decided to try to up my dose a little. I was at .5 and this morning I dosed at .6 sublingual. So I haven't really been hungry today. YAY!! Thanks Dubbles for suggesting that. Also the headache that I'd had for 24 hours went away last night...but then it came back a little tonight. I had very little sleep last night. It had nothing to do with the protocol. Personal stress and oh boy did I suddenly want to go raid the kitchen. I didn't do it though. I'm such an emotional eater and I'm finding now that I can't just go eat what I want, some issues in my life are back to the forefront of my mind. I had thought I'd moved passed these but I guess I'd just numbed them well with food. I just thought that was pretty interesting. I guess I'll be learning better ways to deal with these things which is pretty good. Oh and I released 1.2 this morning.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good job. I think a lot of us are emotional eaters, and this protocol can show we don't have to eat non-stop. It is so limiting, you just can't. The hcg can help the hunger, but we have to do some of the work and conform to what we are allowed, so we are retraining ourselves. The hcg just makes it a little more comfortable physically--but I'm thinking our work at turning away from constant snacking, is work we should pat ourselves on the back for. Keep it up, congrats on the loss.