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Steady as she goes! VLCD day 4

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2/16 - Day 1 load - 202.4
2/17 - Day 2 load - 203.4
2/18 - Day 1 VLCD - 203.4
2/19 - Day 2 VLCD - 200,6 (-2.8)
2/20 - Day 3 VLCD - 199.4 (-1.2)
2/21 - Day 4 VLCD - 198.2 (-1.2)

It's getting easier each day. Does it stay that way ?

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  1. Texasyaya's Avatar
    I am one day ahead of you. I did my loading on 2/16 2/17 and am glad to find you on the blogs. Lets stay in touch as litter mates. I am having no hunger but a little bit of headache occasionally. I am in Houston so weather here is very nice today.
  2. Toonsmom's Avatar
    It's easier when you get into a groove where you know what you're doing, what you like to eat, and what works for you and your schedule.

    It's difficult if/when you experience a slowdown or stall. It's disheartening but it happens.

    I found it SO helpful to recorded my intake in great detail. Then when I stalled, I was able to identify pretty quickly that tomatoes were to blame.

    Good Luck!
  3. LCOMTV's Avatar
    I have been eating the same 3 things and playing with spices. Today is a little different because I'm home and not at work. Chicken fish and shrimp.

    Question, can we have balsamic vinegar or worshesire?
  4. LCOMTV's Avatar
    Texasyaya that would be great. Is you first Tim on HCG?
  5. Roknmama's Avatar
    Yay you're doing great