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Cheated....What should I do?! Uhggg!

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Ok, So im on my first round day 7 and have only lost about 4pounds!! I dont think that I loaded properly, and Ive cheated 2times already and feel like a worthless p.o.s! I see all these other wonderful weightloss stories they loose 9lbs+ the 1st week and it depresses me! I know everyones different and I did cheat (but it wasnt untill late into the week and still hadnt lost that many!) So my question is, since Ive only been on it for a week should I not take it for 2days, properly do the load days and start over?! Thats what I feel like I should do but IDK! I got the 45day plan, so if I did start over Id still have enough to do a 38 round cycle (which is enough for the amount of weight I want to loose, if I loose any!! ahhhh) What should I do?!?!

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  1. bs2010HCG's Avatar
    Don't start over. Just push forward, and do better!
    Question - how much weight do you have to lose? I know that the closer I get to my goal, the slower I lose. I have always been a slow loser, but I've never been extremely overweight either. Keep in mind that the more you have to lose, the faster it comes off (at first) and also, men will lose A LOT faster and more than women. Keep your chin up and keep at it! Drink lots of water, put the past behind you, all that good stuff. Lol
    Just some advice - I don't know if this is your first round, but if it is, you may consider doing the 23 day round, with a full 3 weeks of P3 and P4. If you're having trouble with cheats already, it will be REALLY hard trying to go a full 45. I tried it, ended up "cycling" and completely screwed up the process I'd made. I really think short rounds are the way to go. Besides! you can do ANYTHING for 3 weeks right?!