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Soooo Tired on R1P2D2

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Yesterday was my first day of injection and VLCD and I was actively out all day (prepared my meals for the road). I slept well but woke up with a little less energy - took my B12 drops - sat in the sauna for 45 min., cooked dinner for the family and now I just want to go to bed without eating my din din... I am tired! Feel like I could sleep for a whole day if I could. Maybe it's an adjustment to the diet?

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  1. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    you are doing too much for taking so few calories in. I would skip any sort of exercise and sauna type activities. You definitely don't want to end up in the hospital because you passed out!
  2. kiradag's Avatar
    I have been tired since i started taking the drops 4 days ago, sleeping much more than normal........i am waiting to see if it will adjust but really do not mind since when i go to bed early i do not want to snack all night.
  3. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    I just found out I didnt start the diet correctly. I loaded for 2 days without injection then on 3rd day I started VLCD with injection. I was confused, so I decided to reload for 2 more days with injection, then start the VLCD. Hope it works out. I have to think that it will. Kind of happy though, because I made the best dinner this evening - not to mention the coconut milk ice cream in the freezer that keep callin my NAME! Silly me...
  4. TrueToMe's Avatar
    I Was Told To Take A Daily Vitamin For Energy. Maybe That Will Help.