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Alligator skin??? Now that's a Croc!!

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Ok so we are told through protocol we shouldn't use anything oily on our skin - while some of us in cold regions like myself are just miserably drying up. I wash my hands so often that I can hear the dryness of my hands and can't stand to touch a thing. So I broke down and started using 100% pure cooking grade coconut oil after hand washes. I kept watching the scale daily and I still have losses of no less than a pound. I now believe Dr. Emma's plan was accurate to say you can still loose weight using moisturizers on your skin - so I started pouring it on all over after showering (of course you have to heat it up to liquify). Then I even went a step further and cooked my curry shrimp with it one night - I still lost 2.6 pounds the next day, one of my biggest losses since starting the diet (I'm on VCLD day 8). SEE YA LATA ALLIGATA, skin that is........ Have any of you used Coconut oil?

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  1. my8kidsmom's Avatar
    I use coconut oil when I cook but just a bit . I haven't had a problem with it. The first clinic I went to told me not to worry about lotions and I don't think it hurt me.
  2. Spesic22's Avatar
    I'm deathly allergic to coconut but I use baby lotion on my skin