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Bye Bye Tom and welcome back my sweet scale

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TOM finally gone, exactly 3 days as usual, even though the time was definitely not usual. I did not blog yesterday but weight myself to a 0.2 loss, however I did rogue again, the day before yesterday I tried Miracle noodle (though its come in form of solid block like Tofu, i cut it up and added in my soup), it does not make me stall or gain (or maybe just yet), I kinda like it as I like chewy food, so if I am really really craving something chewy, I might try it again. As i say TOM gone and I am down 0.4 lbs this morning, pretty small number still but I take it!!

Food 04/30/13

breakfast - 3 cups black coffee
Lunch - 150 g napa cabbage
- 100 g Tilapia
-miracle noodle

dinner -
- 150 g Boc Choy
- 100 g Shrimps
-1 cup strawberries

R2 P2 VLCD 15

04/16/13 load - 140 lbs
04/17/13 load - 138.8 lbs
04/18/13 vlcd 1 - 136.0 lbs
04/19/12 vlcd 2 - 135.8 lbs
04/20/13 vlcd 3 -134.2 lbs
04/21/13 vlcd 4 - 133.2 lbs
04/22/13 vlcd 5 - 132.8 lbs
04/23/13 vlcd 6 - 132.0 lbs (Yoga)
04/24/13 vlcd 7 - 132.4 lbs*
04/25/13 vlcd 8 - 131.8 lbs (Yoga)
04/26/13 vlcd 9 -131.0 lbs
04/27/13 vlcd 10 - 130.4 lbs (Yoga)
04/28/13 vlcd 11 - 129.4 lbs (TOM)
04/29/13 vlcd 12 - 129.2 lbs (TOM)
04/29/13 vlcd 13 -129.0 lbs (TOM)
04/30/13 vlcd 14 - 128.6 lbs
05/01/13 vlcd 15 -

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    Great job.. I was told Miracle noodles were ok. with that said, I had forgotten about them, I might cook me up some!
  2. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Good for you sweet to be losing still on TOM! I also know miracle noodles to be ok for the diet. Haven't tried them yet as pasta, even though its not really pasta, and my body do not get along. Keep up the great work.
  3. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Bye Bye TOM and back to a happy scale.... Small losses are losses none the less! Great JOB
  4. Miche's Avatar
    Small losses add up slowly but surely... Come on girl...you can do this thing! Great job
  5. maggiep's Avatar
    I bought miracle noodles, but haven't tried them yet! ha ha I need to check out the flavor and see how they good.

    Hooray for losing after tom, though! That's awesome!
  6. sweetsunflower's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement, small losses but the losses as you guys said, better than gain or stall, (knocks on wood). Lets keep going!!