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Avic Victor

Wonderfully commited

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THIS IS THE 3RD TIME I AM DOING THIS (not back to back)! I just wanted to say with each round I have learned some things the hard way ...
the first round I didn't go through with p3 meant to but just somehow went back to eating and gained almost all of it back. I did another round and although I stuck it out for 30 days I sure didn't follow everything I should have like wearing gloves, when doing dishes, no I cheated with the many occasional drops of creamer in my coffee and I didn't change my hygiene, I also used splenda. I only lost 10 pounds that round which was a few months ago. I stuck out p3 and fared alright but p4 I started to gain a bit and decided it is time to get back on a round.

As of today on my 10th day I am down 10 pounds this is exciting I have not come into this this time with high expectations, nor have I made it overly exciting because I have came to see just how hard it can be when you get farther up the road. I can tell you things I am doing differently as this is my best round so far.

1. Be prepared cook meals in advance
2. Switch off so if you eat red meat for lunch eat chicken or fish for dinner
3. Make sure to use gloves when cleaning, doing dishes, or touching off protocol hygiene products trust me I know now that I am on the protocol book yes they can cause gains and stalls.
4. used the recommended sweetener's I am using stevia this time but mainly drink water.
5. I am taking a list of non sweetened, non oily, vitamins daily, a mag/pot, b-12, multivitamin with additional calcium and MSM also have a little secret I am using African mango stimulant free by NV and maybe that could be helping
6. Only using on protocol hygiene products.
7. taking my coffee black
8. eating a different fruit from what I had at lunch
9. I am exercising at least 3 or more times per week walking, swimming, toning and light weights and rotating those activities
10. What is melba toast? I skip those, fight through mental urges and have not been obsessing over this round that saves me a lot of time to do something more productive or fun like play a game of spades, go fishing, positive talk

So hope this helps someone out there, I know the hard parts of the diet but I am convinced if you go to work on your goals your goals will go to work on you and you will accomplish it, it might take some falling down and mistakes but no one is perfect be kind to yourself. Hopefully I can spare someone too the mistakes I made.

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  1. maggiep's Avatar
    Welcome back and congrats!!

    I too skip melba toast, I've honestly never missed it!
  2. scalephobia's Avatar
    Congrats on getting back on the wheel. Stay with it - it's worth it in the end.

    ...and I gave up on Melba right after reading that it was supposed to be part of protocol. Don't know who invented that food - but they didn't have a sense of what food is supposed to be...
  3. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Haha Avic! You are doing great But as you learned from the past, while others appreciate a good story, many have to live it out before they believe! I know my next round I will not cheat and am learning good things along the way. But I am sure you are touching someone out there to avoid the pitfalls you have found. Best to you!
  4. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    You are doing great! We all need to be reminded of all the little things that makes this protocol successful! I did everything above my 1st round and lost 28 lbs. However, this round I've been a little more lax...so thanks for the poke! :-) keep going!