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Former Marine fighting fat

Love being on a site with others seeking self improvement!

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So yesterday my son and I went to his best friend's birthday party. Pizza, cake, and a ton of morbidly obese people stuffing their faces. It was really sad, and reminded me of myself 2 years a go when I had 275lbs hanging from my 5'2" frame. I watched people eat 4,5, 6 pieces of pizza like they just broke free from a concentration camp. The kids, ages 5-10, were all obese as well, **** bigger than my D cups. My son wasn't allowed to eat any of it since I'm starting him on a gluten free diet to help with his aspergers (if you're not familiar with the connection google aspergers and gluten). I overheard my son talking to his best friend about how he should teach his mom about eating healthy so that she could live longer. My son is 7 and knows all about the affects of unhealthy eating and no exercise. I felt it was important when I decided to make a life change that I involve him as well, so we educated ourselves together. I also didn't want him to think that I had body image issues, the 'f' word is not something we say, we tend to say overweight or unhealthy instead.
Anyway, I griped the other day about having a hard time not giving into temptation, and found the birthday party as motivation to improve. It was like a blast from my past. I'm sure maybe some people found me rude, but I really don't care, they're not the ones that have to deal with the consequences of what I eat.

Alright, going to try this ticker thing again.

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  1. Jarret's Avatar
    Fixed your ticker stuff for you, make sure you use the BBcode it provides as the HTML stuff won't work
    Updated July 14th, 2013 at 01:40 PM by Jarret
  2. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Thank you! I had asked on previous ones a few times, figured I'd post all this time to see which worked, ty!!!
  3. Jarret's Avatar
    No problem, also updated your signature as well to show the ticker
  4. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Does that mean I wont have to paste the BB code?
    I have no clue what a signature on a blog is :/
    thank you!
  5. Jarret's Avatar
    No, the signature only works for the forums unfortunately. So that whenever you make a forum post it'll automatically show.

    If you want your ticker to show up in blog posts you'll need to copy/paste the BBcode from the ticker site into your blog post each time.

    Ticker code should look like this:

    Updated July 14th, 2013 at 02:10 PM by Jarret
  6. maggiep's Avatar
    Glad the birthday was a source of motivation instead of giving in! I find it really sad how often I overhear extremely overweight parents tell their extremely overweight children 'no, only ONE candy bar' or 'ok you want a soda or two?'. It's shocking to me....I am so thankful my mindset was corrected before bringing children into the world.
  7. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your observations. Very insightful.
    I've gotten a lot of motivation from reading this forum, too, and corresponding with a nice group.
  8. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Oh Maggie with the soda!!! Oh my gosh I can't stand it! 2 weeks ago we went to yet another birthday party and all they had was soda! Glad I brought waterbottles for my son and I! I've never been a big soda drinker, with the exception of a few months when I was morbidly obese, but when I stopped drinking it I stopped craving it. Same thing goes with any sugary food-you stop eating it, you stop craving it. I don't remember soda being offered as a child, but I grew up in New England, not Utah, which is where we are now.