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I seem to be on the road to recovery, though my throat is still incredibly sore and accompanied by that vague "ick" feeling. I'm well enough to go back to work, at least.

I thought I'd show a gain after all the non-P2 stuff I ate yesterday (4 Yasso pops, a sleeve of saltines, on top of a lack of BMs), but I had a 0.6 loss this morning. Very glad to still be losing, but I'll be happier once I'm fully back on track.

For dinner tonight I've got some boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot, seasoned with lemon pepper and sea salt and wrapped in foil to retain moisture. I'll probably make some spinach to go with it, and potatoes for DH. Come on 5:00!

4/20/13 to 6/10/13
Start weight: 178.4
End weight: 156.8
Total loss: 21.6 pounds
P3 stable: 157.6


Loading D1: 160.2
Loading D2: 162.6 +2.4

R2P2 D1: 164.2 +1.6
R2P2 D2: 160.6 -3.6
R2P2 D3: 159.4 -1.2
R2P2 D4: 158.8 -0.6

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  1. AbbyGJ's Avatar
    Glad you are feeling better!
  2. yep yep I can's Avatar
    So happy to hear your on the mend and that you still lost. I know you will pick it back up and the losses will pick up as well.