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8/12 VLCD 12 (Apple Day)

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So no luck today. Still stalled at 160.4. I called my clinic and they advised me to day an apple day today, so this is what I'm doing. Grammy says that I should ignore my clinic and stick with Dr. Simeon. I don't know what to do.... All I know is that I have 19 pounds I need to get rid of and I only have 26 injections left......

Thinking positive - Tomorrow there will be at least a 1 pound loss

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Updated August 12th, 2013 at 01:11 PM by Butterfly1012



  1. LovelyStacy5456's Avatar
    I agree with grammy. People out here trying to tweek Dr. Simmeons protocol. For best results follow the doc that discovered this diet in the 1st place! My opinion...
  2. cemaestas's Avatar
    Do you feel like you are reshaping still? I don't know how long you have stalled, but an apple day is okay if you are frustrated. It's exciting to see you so close to your goal. The end is definitely the hardest. Good luck.