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overdue update

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Just realized it has been sometime since i posted. Just got back from vaction in the tetons,plenty of hiking,as well as a few things new to my way of eating in this last year.(pizza,and smores) but i still came home same weight as i left (yippee) so still hangin in there at last drop weight,and acually 3lbs below.

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Updated August 24th, 2013 at 04:51 AM by Gr8Grma



  1. shannon741's Avatar
    OMG how awesome is that! Way to go, I am so excited for you! I have been hoping to see an update from you and your sister and have been wondering how you both have been doing! So glad you popped in!
  2. Gr8Grma's Avatar
    Thanks Shannon,i was very happy to see the scale when i got home trying a little Belly fat cure,fast track to see if i can get to goal.ill post how it goes. yummy food so far.
    i hope your doing well
  3. shannon741's Avatar
    I'm 9 lbs above LDW but still in the low 120's and tired of fighting my body to get lower so it is what it is and I will just be grateful for where I am and how far I have come
  4. Gr8Grma's Avatar
    what a great additude. i do think your body does try and tell you,and sometimes we dont listen. you should be proud,and just go and enjoy life with a new body,good luck!