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I'm here again

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It's been about 10 months since I was here last. Last time I was working on losing 10lbs and I did it. I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Time sure flies.

I was recently ill from a sinus infection that went into my lungs. I was put on prednisone and you guessed it, weight on. Not too bad. But either way, I need to lose 15lbs.

Today is vlcd 1. Just had my 2 loading days and I ate until I felt I couldn't eat anymore. You always worry though if you ate enough to get you through the vlc days. This time is going to be tricky for me. In the past I did rogue, I'd go 2 weeks of vlcd, take a week off and go back on again and lose more weight as opposed to going straight through. This time I am going to do it the same way, but mostly because I have to. We are leaving to Italy on the 3rd of November. I just came off prednisone last week while on another trip so I was not able to start the diet then. I came home late Saturday night and started loading next day and yesterday (had to celebrate my birthday with all the junk lol).

I figure I will be on vlcd for 12 days, not including the 72 hours after. I will resume upon my return immediately which will be the 12th and continue on until I have reached my goal. I plan to eat only high protein and veggies with minimal fruit while in italy. It's not hard to stay away from pasta and breads and sugars as well as I do not eat those anyways, especially since I have learned I have a gluten sensitivity, the migraines are NOT worth it. I have committed myself to the Paleo lifestyle with the occasional primal foods, like cheese ever since doing the hcg diet a few years ago.

The other reason I plan to take that break on the trip is mainly bc I am honestly afraid to try and take it with me, ie; customs, airlines, etc. I do not have an rx as many of you do not. I've read on the internet people taking it with no issues, but I rather not chance it. I also won't be able to weigh in daily. But with the tons of walking we will be doing, I really am not concerned with gaining anything during this time. I'm actually hoping I'll lose a little ;-)

I'm also excited to be doing this before the holidays. I know first hand how hard this can be when everyone else is eating turkey or ham and all the trimmings while you have that tiny little piece of meat with a side of plain veggies and a fruit. I know, it sounds bad, but really, when you see that scale go down every morning it really keeps you going. I just didn't want to do this during the holidays but it was unfortunate I became ill like I did. Dr said to blame it on my allergies. Lucky me! lol

I'll be documenting my journey here daily (except while in Italy). But I do plan to take a journal with me to document everything there.

I wish everyone success and I look forward to reading your journeys as well.


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  1. SubtleGlow's Avatar
    Happy Belated Birthday to you and hoping for lots of results for you in this round. The trip to Italy sounds fabulous - I have always wanted to go but have not planned a trip there yet. Sounds like you have a plan for how to handle the holidays, though I can see your point about timing not being ideal. Better a little now and a little later, rather than never, right?
  2. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you! Very well spoken. I don't think it could have happened at a better time really. :-)