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Fall 2013 R1P2VLCD20

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Well, tomorrow is last day with HCG. Then 2 days of VLCD with no HCG and then P3 starts on Monday. I am going to have to go research P3 again, what are the ok foods on P3, I always forget and am afraid to add in extra stuff and so I just eat P2 but with bigger portions. Not healthy, but not terrible, either.

DH and I are definitely loading on Thanksgiving and the day after. I just know he's going to drop 30 pounds before Christmas if he follows the protocol exactly. and I will make sure he does, because the easiest way is to do weekly batch cooks and preportioned food for his lunches so he can just grab and go.

Which means I need to purchase some more tupperware, LOL. I never seem to have enough with matching lids, ugh! and I need to start planning Thanksgiving loading day - I"m doing the cooking for the family, and will want to add some things for loading....

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    P3 no sugar, no starch lots of healthy fats, that's all I remember so when the time comes I will need to read up too