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Fall 2013 R1P2VLCD23

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Today is my last VLCD day. My last HCG was on Saturday. My weight is up today a bit from some dietary indiscretions this weekend. No excuses, not whining, just stating that I was not POP and I own it.

I lost about 10 pounds this round. Not great. But I did not follow strict protocol, either. The next round starts with loading on Thanksgiving. Hubby and I are doing this together and we plan to do very strict protocol.

I finally got my order into Escrowrefills. I have been trying to friggin pay them since last week when I placed my order. Their online ordering/payment system leaves a lot to be desired. Then tried to pay through Western Union, and that's been a friggin nightmare too. Finally managed to pay with my debit card through a secure chat session with their customer service. Ugh. Hope it gets here by Turkey Day - or we'll be starting off with homeopathic pellets.

Meh. It's Monday. And I'm tired. I worked most of the day on Friday and all day yesterday laying vinyl tile and getting my sunroom finished so I could move my rabbits in there. Tonight I am cleaning out their old room and starting to move furniture in there and organizing to make it a spare bedroom/TV room again.

Ok, I feel like I've run a marathon, LOL, after all the headache of trying to get that payment sent out to Escrowrefills. Finally done!

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  1. yep yep I can's Avatar
    I hope it comes in time! Best of luck on your next round...hope you and hubby lose big.
  2. beach girl's Avatar
    Hey, also, I ordered from escrow refills jeez it took more than a month! There's a new place all the senior members recommend,and it's really cheap, I didn't order enough from escrow, so placed my order for 2000 huogh, got it in 9 days and they take a credit card, it's www.safemeds4all.com,look for the discount on the left side, the more you buy the cheaper it is, mine cost 33$ free ship!!