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Fall 2013 R1P3D1

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Or is this day 2? I'm pretty much disgusted with myself. I've pretty much thrown this round out the window with poor choices. New round starts Turkey Day, and I'm going to be STRICT. I'm going to go back to weighing my protein, batch cooking, and not a lot of variety. It's what worked for me in the past, and it'll work again. I just need to get my head in the game and be damn strict, PERIOD.

Especially since DH is doing the next round with me. A little competition doesn't hurt - though I always come out the loser since guys ALWAYS lose way faster than us chicks, LOL. Still, it helps me stay motivated.

So for the next few weeks, I"m just gonna do my best and hang out with P3 eating and go at it hard next round. I'm going to be the HCG Ninja, dodging and hiding in plain sight, dodging temptation all around me, LOL.....

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  1. beach girl's Avatar
    Hey! Are u on round 3 day2? I wasn't sure, it's really easy to do a correction on atkins and turn it around, been a atkins girl a long time, I do 1 40 round hcg this time every year and stay on strict atkins like every other month, if you follow atkins induction until thanksgiving, you'll already be in ketosis, I think you'll lose really quick vlcd and not be hungry at all! I would just continue atkins the 40 days but start my seasonal job on the beach and need to b super skinny so this really helps, I will start atkins Xmas eve, OMG dreaming of meats ! We should keep in touch!!
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    Hey Girl,I cheated last Friday night, bad, but I did not want a gain or a stall. So right in the middle of p2 I did a Fat fast with macadamian nuts for 3 days. I did not weigh until today and I lost 4lbs. Now I do not know how much I would have gained with the cheat, but so pleased with the loss. Now I have to eat pop for the next 7 days. Hopefully from now on. Lol You are awesome when you get your mind in the game. So just do it
  3. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hi, BEACH GIRL! I am now on Day 3 of P3. I tend to do P3 very much like regular Atkins or Primal diet - lots of lean protein, veggies, some fruit - and I do add some greek yogurt dairy. So you do a 40-day round pretty much every year for maintenance? That's a great idea! I personally do my best maintaining doing Paleo or Primal. Grains and cane sugar are the DEVIL! Keep in touch - will have to go check to see if you've got a blog....

    TOMWILLA - Fat fast? I've heard of it, but no deals on how to do it. 4 pounds? That's awesome!!!! I will be fine, I know it - just didn't have the right motivation this round I guess....