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Winter 2013/14 R2P2VLCD5

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SW: 274.4
CW: 269.2
GW: 244.4
Down 5.2 pounds

Stayed the same today. While in the past I have been able to "cheat" with SF cocoa, it appears I cannot do that this time around. So no more SF cocoa. And I'm almost out of cutie oranges, so I may skip those for a while too as I've been really focusing on those the last couple of days. If I remember correctly, in my 2nd round in 2010, I had issues with citrus, so I'll just skip those too for a few days and see how I do.

Hubby is losing like a rock star, as usual, LOL. A little jealous, but guys always lose faster, right? So I'll just keep on supporting him.

We were both hungry last night, dinner (crock pot roast) didn't seem to be enough, so I added an extra helping of protein in the form of poached tilapia. Satisfied the hunger and not a lot of calories comparatively to eating another helping of roast.

Just going to keep on keepin on. Ciao!

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  1. beach girl's Avatar
    Heyyyy!!! Awesome u started! It looks like your starting out great! Well I've been stalled for let's see 15 days now! 2 weeks Tom symptoms, yesterday bad stomach pains, it like starts then goes away, today same stomach with tiny spotting, I only have like 20 days left and this sucks stuck in this rut, I'm really pissy mood too and kicked the scale! Jeans r looser though but pissed cuz last year on drops it was 30 lbs in 25 days! This is like same 14 lbs in what 24 days?!?!
  2. ldygeko's Avatar
    Beachgirl - stick it out! Stalls happen. I have a hard time too when things just come to a stop like this. But we can DO this! :-)