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Only 2 inches

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Well, week 2 done and lost another 2 inches. That was a little disappointing but 8 inches in two weeks is not bad. Plus my pants are nowhere near as tight and according to my stats I have lost around 15 pounds. In my last three rounds at this exact point I have been 14 to 20 pounds down....so I figure that I am right there. Did go off protocol yesterday and had sashimi...but the good side is no sushi (rice) and today I am still in "large" ketosis. Since I am going to do this until my drops run out (usually happens between 24 and 30 days) I don't mind treating myself to some sashimi and spinach salad every now and then. Just gotta stay away from my favorite mexican food and margaritas!!!

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  1. Annie226's Avatar
    8 inches is fabulous! I hope I do as well!!!!
  2. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Annie226
    8 inches is fabulous! I hope I do as well!!!!
    I am sure you will sweetie!