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My clothes are hanging off!

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Can someone help me understand losing more inches vs. pds...my clothes are hanging off of me after two weeks. I guess my question is..could I be shrinking even if the scale says a specific number?

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  1. 2014nycme's Avatar
  2. 2014nycme's Avatar
    This is very common on this protocol, and I continued to lose inches in P3. After a loss of almost 80lbs, I was tone, no saggy skin, which was a fear I had going in. Also, on average, a loss of one pound equates to a loss of one inch. Congrats on you losses!
  3. Annie226's Avatar
    OMG, how good does that feel??? I had my first experience with that this morning, 2 weeks on P2, too!!! Size 12s good bye!!!
  4. monroeee's Avatar
    It feels really great! I am so excited.
  5. AimMee's Avatar
    Yes. The theory is that as your fat cells empty and shrink (they don't ever just "go away"), they are replaced with water. So perhaps you're reshaping a bit and have a loss of inches in particular places, but won't see the poundage move on the scale until some of the water leaves, too.

    Either way, congrats!